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⭐️ MUST SEE FILM ⭐️ Will this stop transhumanism and wake up humanity?

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I present to you the film that can turn the tide worldwide, and prevent the agenda of transhumanism. It is titled..

As Planned By The Global Leaders

Transhumanism is beyond a doubt the worst threat to humanity since our initial creation, as it literally states that mankind must make way for a new era of a genetically modified neo-humanity, cyborgs, humanoid robots, AI. The remaining true humans will be considered a lower life form, such as chimpansees, who will serve the technologically upgraded elites. This agenda is being promoted with the support of the richest and most powerful people on Earth, as well as by the governments of every major nation.

Biden signed an executive order for the promotion of this development! It is far more serious than any of us understand...

The intent of our film 'THE END OF HUMANITY' is to open the eyes of billions worldwide for the danger of this agenda, as it reveals the true motivation behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is promoted as something that will ‘enhance our lives’.

Effective to wake up mankind

Few films are so effective in waking up the sleeping masses of our world, as robots are a theme that fascinates billions of people, who have been fooled to believe that entering the era of high tech alternatives to original humans, is ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’. This film will reveal how the true plan is to enslave the true humans, and establish a ruling elite of super-humanoid robots, in which the personalities of human elites have been transplanted.

During a recent training session of the upcoming generation of Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab told the students that their brains will be replicated by AI and transferred to their technological avatars (see videoclip below).

They mean business and are dead serious about this plan.

I invite you to enjoy our fascinating film 'THE END OF HUMANITY', and help prevent the diabolical plans of the wicked, by sharing this film far and wide, so it can spread like wildfire.

Like most people, I could choose to dig my head deep in the sand and pretend all this will go away by itself. But I heard the warrior call from on high, and felt the fire ignited in my soul to rise up and create this film, to expose the plans of hell, and call on the children of heaven, who live here on Earth, to help prevent this demonic plot.

All I now ask of you is to watch it, and share it. Please help, so we can stop these devils.

The film is manually translated (by humans, not AI) into twenty languages. Please send this to all your friends who speak other languages. You can also download the flyer below and post the flyer online, forward it by email or text it to friends. Right click the flyer, to download it to your computer.

Let us not stand by, while the wicked are literally plotting to eradicate humanity, but let’s stand together as one, with a strong sound of deliverance.

We were not born to be slaves of demonic robots, or to stand by and observe how hell destroys God's creation. We are all born with a destiny to be those who put an end to the reign of terror, and who lay the foundations for a beautiful world, that will emerge thanks to our efforts.

Watch this groundbreaking film, 
and send it everywhere you can.

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