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How we are changing the world, for the better!

changing world

Our recent film 'THE END OF HUMANITY' is waking up millions of people worldwide. It was posted on a Japanese X account and in just a few days had half a million views. And that's just that one single post... not counting the numerous other places where the film is being viewed in Japan. The film is also going viral in twenty more languages worldwide.

The whole secret to the success of the satanic elites has always been the ignorance of the public. People who follow along with their agenda unquestioningly, because they have no clue what is going on. Informing the world population about what is truly happening is therefore the absolute key to sabotaging the diabolic plans of these satanists.

We see this clearly in Japan, where the world's largest protest is being organized against the World Health Organization. As you know, the WHO is set to effectively become a world dictatorship, with the absolute authority to mandate vaccines, lockdowns, quarantines, censorship, and arrests in all 194 member states, which is virtually every nation of the world.

Japan is the first country in the world to publicly protest the WHO - on a large scale.

It is truly exciting that our Japanese film is exploding in Japan at the same time. We are now busy translating more films and reports into Japanese. In addition, I was interviewed by an independent media channel in Japan that organizes anti-globalist conventions for high profile people who oppose the WEF. They have asked me to speak at their next conference in Tokyo.

It seems Japan will be a powerful player on the world scene in exposing and opposing the agenda of the satanists!

We exposed who rules the world behind the scenes

Our world-awakening films and reports have had a tremendous impact on humanity so far. Before we released MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World?, nobody had even heard of Vanguard, the corporation that owns literally every industry in the world. This effective monopoly gives them the power to impose world tyranny at the snap of a finger.

They were behind the mandates for vaccines, masks and lockdowns worldwide, and they ordered the suppression of all cures for the pandemic.

But not a soul knew about them. Now, since MONOPOLY was released, there are hundreds of millions of people who know about Vanguard.

They are no longer hidden...

Dr Carrie Madej - Transhumanism and vaccines

The same happened with our film, THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY, in which Dr. Carrie Madej exposes the transhumanist agenda behind the mRNA vaccines. She points out how the human DNA is transformed, and that self-replicating nanotechnology is being injected into the human population. This alters humans at the core level and starts the process of turning them into hybrids, or HUMAN 2.0.

No one knew about this agenda before we launched our film. Now a large part of mankind is aware of it.

When we released the VACCINE DEATH REPORT, our groundbreaking report about vaccine deaths worldwide, it also opened the eyes of countless millions. Many leading scientists and medical organizations posted our report on their platforms, and distributed it among their networks. This report is to date still the most comprehensive overview of how the vaccines are causing global genocide.

Last year, we published the deeply disturbing PEDOPHILIA REPORT about how the World Health Organization and United Nations are instructing tens of thousands of schools to teach toddlers to masturbate and have sexual conduct with one another.

In their manuals for upcoming teachers the WHO and the UN state that the goal is to make sure that children start with sexual activities as early as possible.

This report shook the world and was shared by many leading authorities, sparking resistance against the insane agenda of normalizing pedophilia.

covid-19 pandemic planned

The impact we have been having on the world is indescribable. We started out with our world famous report, PROOF THAT THE PANDEMIC IS PLANNED. This report reveals undeniable proof that pandemics serve an agenda of world domination. It was copied, for example, by a media platform in The Netherlands - Frontnieuws. They were unknown back then. Once they posted our report in its entirety, it went viral and was read more than one million times, launching their platform to national prominence.

Now Frontnieuws is a trusted news source for hundreds of thousands of people. They became famous by publishing our report.

Stop World Control is not a news platform, but we fuel news media worldwide, who run with our content and take it further than we could ever do. We influence the influencers. A key for our worldwide impact is that we make our films available for download, causing thousands of other platforms worldwide to post our documentaries in many different languages all around the world.

This shows what can happen when we give our all and our best to the Creator of all life, and partner with Him in waking up the beautiful people of this world, so they can start resisting the hellish agenda of the satanists who currently run the show.

Many people ask me: how will this stop their plans? Simple.... Once a large part of the public becomes aware that they are being ruled by child-sacrificing psychopaths, who are behind the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations, etc., they will no longer comply. That is particularly impactful when it involves high level influential people.

secrets united nations

We are currently working with former United Nations top official Calin Georgescu, who brilliantly exposed the UN as a platform for criminal oligarchs, who are using it to establish world tyranny. See our powerful film, SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS. Georgescu is running for president in Romania, and we will try to help him be successful. Our films and reports are being released in Romania as we speak.

If Calin becomes president, he will turn his country around and make it a haven of liberty, justice and a brighter future, setting a beautiful example for the rest of the world.

We are blessed to have a lot of impact at high levels. I was contacted by the assistant of the Secretary of the Navy, who is one of the highest authorities in the US military. He requested a hard copy of our reports to distribute within the US military. I was also approached by a member of the royal family in Qatar, who has been sharing our reports with government officials in the Middle East.

And recently we discovered that about 900 government officials from the United States have signed up for our emails. The impact this has on the long run cannot be overstated. Even if some sign up for nefarious reasons, the truth is still penetrating the US government.

You have no idea what you are doing!

All this is possible thanks to your support. Without the generosity of heroes like yourself, none of this would happen. At the start of the pandemic, we were supported by a man who donated $40,000 USD, and another man who donated $50,000 USD.

This allowed us to buy professional video equipment, install a film studio, buy the world's most powerful computers, and start producing world-changing films.

You just have no idea what a generous investment into truth and liberty can accomplish. If we all could see the impact of our donations, we would do so much more. Because your support truly is changing the world.

Some people are impatient and demand immediate relief of the stress caused by what is going on. But that is simply not realistic. The greatest movement of awakening in human history has just begun, and it will take several years for it to gain the momentum that will create permanent shifts at government levels.

But we are making tremendous progress! And not just Stop World Control, but hundreds of millions of people and thousands of organizations around the world.

Please continue supporting our mission. We need it now more than ever. Our next film 'MASTERPLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION' (= working title) will be the world's most compelling presentation of proof, along with revealing statements of government officials around the world, that will show how pandemics are criminal operations and the WHO is an unelected entity that is seeking world domination.

This film will be released right before the next planned pandemic, and will ignite another mass wave of worldwide awakening.

Thank you for standing with us. Every donation counts. Please go here to support us. Together we are taking down giants, defeating demons, exposing criminals and laying the foundations for a brilliant new world.

David Sorensen

Stop World Control

We inform humanity about the globalist agenda of world domination. We also expose crimes against humanity, committed by financial elites. And we offer hope for a better world, without tyranny and corruption. Make sure to explore our eye-opening films and reports. Please share this website. Make sure to follow us on X, by clicking the icon below. 

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