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Do you know this feeling of swinging between hope and fear?

Do you know this inner turmoil, where you swing from excited hope for a beautiful future, to a terrible sense of dread as you see what is happening in our world?

On the one hand we have full assurance that the Creator of all life, the Source of all that is good, the Giver of victory and breakthrough is using the current world crisis to turn humanity around, from darkness to light, so he can realize a brand new creation in us and through us. That is thrilling, inspiring, and exhilarating.

Imagine a world where the overarching force of all evil, the ancient dragon and the serpent of old, has been removed from Earth, and humanity can finally breath freely, no longer oppressed by this all encompassing cloud of perversion, wickedness, death and suffering that is now hovering over humanity. How unspeakably wonderful will that be!

At last everything good and wonderful will be able to sprout unhindered, and flourish abundantly, bearing healing fruits for all of humanity, without evil criminals uprooting it before it has ever begun to grow. 

What a paradise the world will become, once this worldwide system of intense evil is removed, and good can finally begin to restore everything broken on Earth, bringing about a future for mankind that nobody has ever dared to dream of.

That is the bright and brilliant hope we have, as we understand the times we are in, where evil is finally being exposed and signs are increasing that a new world is about to emerge.

Extreme manifestation of evil

But on the other hand we see how this same ugly force of destruction and tyranny, the dark demons of the dungeons, are crawling out of the depths of the abyss and manifest massively all around the world, in ways we never thought possible. If they get their way, Earth will become worse than hell itself.

Imagine a world where you are not allowed to do, say, or even think ANYTHING that is not on line with what the governments demand you think, say, feel and do.

The moment you divert from their sick insanity - like the promotion of LGBTQA+, normalization of pedophilia, forcing toddlers to have sex, destruction of all healthy food and forcing everyone to eat GMO bugs from a factory, imposing lethal injections on everybody several times a year - they will come after you.

Every time you are caught by the omnipresent cloud of AI, which monitors your very thoughts and feelings, you can be treated as a domestic terrorist or a threat to national security.

That is literally - without a hint of exaggeration - the society the globalists are currently establishing worldwide. Recording of all thoughts and feelings, and anyone who doesn’t think the way they want, is in deep trouble. Don’t think they won’t be able to do it, as they are already doing it massively worldwide. The mind controlling technologies are being rolled out in cities around the world, as you can see in the documentary ‘THE END OF HUMANITY’. Watch this film below...

Already the past years we have seen many people being arrested for posting something on social media, that was not in line with government tyranny. Countless medical doctors lost their license, were fined and fired from their positions, simply because they successfully treated pandemic patients. That was not allowed, as the world population had to be fooled into believing there are no treatments, so everyone would line up to get a dangerous experimental injection, that is potentially lethal. That is the society these devils are building, all around us, as we speak.

The World Health Organization is being restructured to become an effective world dictatorship, whenever they proclaim the next plandemic, and assume full authority over every nation of the world, to mandate censorship, arrests, forced quarantines, forced injections, and so on.

This is reality. It is happening now.

You express an honest concern about these developments, and the police is at your door.

These are just the tiny glimpses of a world they are preparing that is worse than the worst movies you have ever seen, and no, I am not kidding, nor am I exaggerating.

Technologies are being developed as I speak, to turn every human into a living battery where our very heart beat and breath creates energy to power the worldwide AI surveillance and control grid. This is possible thanks to the mass dispersing of graphene oxide, which is introduced into the bodies of billions of people through vaccines, chemtrails, water, food, supplements, diapers, women’s products chocolates, and so on.

Imagine that you yourself, are the power source to sustain the very system that is enslaving you, and there is nothing you can do about it, as it happens deep inside every cell of your body that is drenched with graphene oxide…

What is being rolled out at this very moment, around the world is diabolical beyond comparison.

In many nations millions of people have already been forced in quarantine, where they were forcefully injected against their will. Millions were banned from their own bank accounts, because they don’t obey the devastating mandates. We know the devilish tyranny that erupted during the first plandemic. Millions were beat until they bled, and many were transported to the hospital, with life-threatening injuries, inflicted by the police, because they peacefully walked on the streets, expressing their desire for justice. See our overview of pandemic tyranny.

When hell reigns, police becomes the work force for the worst demons in hell, who will blindly and unquestioningly obey the most inhumane orders, because that’s what they signed up for: to be unquestioning servants of whomever is higher in rank. If that happens to be a vicious criminal, every police officer becomes the extension of this criminal.

We will bring about a better world

The omnipresence of evil can be overwhelming, sucking all courage and hope out of us. But we must understand that this is their strategy: put all your focus on the problem, away from the solution. Because, what is the solution? 

You and me! We are the ones who will turn things around in this world. 

That may sound strange for some, as religion tells us otherwise: wait for heaven to fix everything, and you just wait and hang in there. But that is a false mindset that is the very reason why there is so much evil in the world. It shuts the good people down in a perpetual waiting mode, and gives the wicked free reign. 

Understand that Earth was given to man. Not to angels. The Creator gave this creation to you and me, so we have the responsibility and blessing to protect and save it from destruction.

Thinking we simply must wait for God, Christ, the Messiah or some World Teacher to do it for us, is a sure road to total destruction. (See this post about the Return of Christ). We are the ones created to be rulers and guardians of this beautiful world. The crown is on our head. We have the responsibility.

It’s because the good people have given the world into the claws of hell, thinking ‘it’s not our job to protect the world’, that the wicked have been able to seize it.

Once the good people understand their mission and identity, to be guardians and warriors who establish love, justice, goodness and peace on earth - led by the Christ who dwells within us - then it is game over for the wicked.

Those who serve evil are terrified of the good people rising up. Because they know that they don’t have any mandate, blessing, or authority from the Creator. The wicked do everything illegitimately, based on deception and theft. All they do is lie and steal. That’s how they are able to rule over the world. 

Once we expose their lies and thievery, they are lost.

We are the ones with the scepter. We carry the crown. We have the blessing from on high. We have the hosts of heaven, the armies of trillions of angels on our side.

But they are waiting for us to rise up and pick up our swords.

What are you waiting for?

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