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Since World War II a plan has been deployed to manipulate the minds of mankind through media. The best experts of Nazi Germany in the field of 'mind control' were brought to America. From America the strategy started to systematically control everything humanity thinks and believes.

The goal was to make sure humanity could be controlled IN THEIR OWN MINDS.

The weapons of this new global invasion were no longer guns, bazookas and rockets, but television, radio and later the internet. MASS MEDIA are the new weapons of invasion. Tell them what we want to them to believe, and we’ll have total control over them… without them even being aware of it. The ultimate and perfect strategy to seize world control.

Because of this strategy virtually everything we hear and see in the mainstream media is a lie.

They lie about God, sexuality, biology, freedom, ethics, health, energy, culture, history, astronomy,  everything... It is utterly impossible to get an accurate view of reality through the news, major magazines or well-known websites.

mind control

Even education is programmed in such a way that it enslaves people into a spiderweb of countless lies, that becomes an all encompassing stronghold of deception that determines their whole lives. People become programmed robots that literally think what they have been told, and have lost the ability to think for themselves or do genuine research.

Critical thinking is labeled ‘dangerous’ and each and every true investigator who has somehow managed to maintain an independent, intelligent mind, is labeled ‘a conspiracy theorist’.

Think wat WE tell you, or else we will shame, blame and ban you. 

Movies have been produced to further mold the way people think. So called ‘scientific’ networks were set up, to create the illusion of ‘authority’ when they were spreading lies. Examples are National Geographic, Discovery and the History Channel, who only ‘look and smell’ like they do genuine research, while in fact they simply push the global narrative while hiding the true facts at all costs. Of course they may share glimpses of truth now and then, to create an illusion of trustworthiness, but in the core their mission is to hide reality and present a lie. 

The media, education, politics, health care, food industries - everything is in the hands of the same billionaire criminals who have lied to the whole of humanity over the past century. They have a specific goal: enslave humanity as much as possible and create a world of total control.

I don't believe in God, because...

The whole key is to make people think they are free, so they would not realize how enslaved they truly are. For example: millions of people think they no longer believe in God because they want to. But they are not aware that the only reason they reject God, is because the media told them to do so.

The media said: 'Stop believing in God' and the masses followed without asking questions.

Don't believe that you were created by a loving God, with a royal purpose here on earth. No, you must believe what we tell you:

‘You are a descendant from an ape and your life is in fact completely absurd. You’re nothing but a dressed up beast.’ 

The vast majority swallowed it without thinking, without research, without asking questions.

'Yes, highly esteemed TV, we are dressed up monkeys! We believe you! There is no God, that is outdated, our life is meaningless and we are just beasts'.

Mass manipulation has robbed everything that is truth, everything that is valuable, everything that makes us strong and healthy, and enslaved us to media, which we consider to be the only true source of truth. When it's on TV, it's true. This is how mankind was made to believe the most insane lies, which were accepted blindly… because the TV says it.

A future of freedom

The plan of our Creator is to completely destroy this large-scale, strategically designed deception. A great awakening will take away the mass deception and open humanity's eyes. The shock is that we are going to discover that nothing is what it seems. Nobody is who he claims to be. The great unmasking. The great shock of waking up.


The huge masquerade is knocked down and people see what is really going on. Politicians claiming to work for our well-being, turn out to be unscrupulous monsters, taking part behind the scenes in satanic rituals in which children are abused. Yes, I'm talking about YOUR political leaders. Wet your chest for the revelations to come...

The masks go off. En masse. There is no escape.

God will disgrace them and many heads will roll. Evil will be judged, and the guilty will face the death penalty. The media will become a channel of truth instead of an instrument of mass deception. Everything the wicked meant to destroy humanity, will be used against them and will be their downfall.

God brings freedom. A whole new level of freedom that we have not yet known. 

Religion, too, will be dealt with severely. The heart wrenching hypocrisy of the countless leaders who pretend to serve Jesus Christ, but literally do everything to protect themselves, secure their money and position and make people dependent on themselves, will fall. They will fall deep.

Prophetic encouragement

I hear God speak to me, so I will step aside and let Him say what He wants to tell you...

I bring freedom, says God. A freedom that is not comfortable for those who are used to controlling, manipulating and twisting. Many seek their safety in lies and power. I take that away and you end up in an abyss, which you can't get out of with your old methods.

The safe systems fall away and it is time to really lean on ME.

To let go of your false security and build a foundation on Me, the eternal rock of your salvation.

The shock wave coming over the earth will cause many to fall. Many will show their true faces and many others will be bewildered. No one knew they were so bad. No one knew they were so evil.

I knew, says God, and I am going to reveal it.

There will come a new time when the foundations of corruption and deception will fall away and a new foundation of trust in God will be laid.

I have the future in my hands, says the Almighty, but it is not easy. The lies made it easy for you. 'Believe everything we tell you, don't think, don't question anything, don't investigate anything, but blindly go along with what we tell you.' That is comfortable. It's however deadly. It’s deadly to the very depths of your soul.

But I bring salvation.

Not a comfortable rescue, though, because you are shaken and shocked to the depths of your being. If you have lived in lies all your life and thought it was truth and suddenly you discover the truth, it is like a blinding light that feels frightening and threatening. But as your eyes get used to the bright light - the powerful revealing truth - the more you will experience how liberating and empowering it is.

You see everything as it is and no longer in a haze of lies. You will see what is going on and that will make you strong. Strong in Me.

So seek your confidence in Me, says the Eternal One.

Not in the people, not in the leaders, not in the structures, not in the media and not in the so-called care-giving agencies. Seek your safety in ME, says the Almighty One. I will lead you to a height you have not yet known. A height of seeing Me, seeing My greatness and omnipotence. Seeing My goodness and love. Seeing My eternal faithfulness.

And so you will become a true son or daughter of God.

Not in beautiful words and pious songs, but through the reality of your heart that is founded IN ME, the eternal rock of your salvation.

The future is beautiful. What happens has to happen. What is happening is necessary. I have to break away the wrong foundations. Deep breakdown, deep uprooting, deep unmasking, deep disruption. Then I can start building, says the Father, with Me as a solid foundation. An everlasting foundation of truth and love. A foundation which does not falter, a foundation which is fixed, a future which is assured.

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