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These people dictate education, healthcare, science, religion, politics and everything else


is dictated by elitists, 
who are anything but physicians.

is dictated by elitists, 
who are anything but scientists.

The news
is dictated by elitists, 
who are anything but journalists.

is dictated by elitists, 
who are anything but educators.

is dictated by elitists, 
who are anything but historians.

is dictated by elitists,
who are anything but
representatives of the people.

is dictated by elitists,
who are anything but farmers 

is dictated by elitists,
who are anything but scholars 

is dictated by elitists,
who are anything but artists 

is dictated by elitists,
who are anything but athletes 


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Who lies about your health?

Modern day medicine was founded by John D. Rockefeller (1839 - 1937) who knew nothing about medicine, but... he owned oil, lots and lots of oil. He told the world that all medical treatments should be based on petroleum. As a result he would become the richest man on earth. So he lobbied and bribed governments, health agencies, regulators, universities, and so on. He went on a mission to seize complete control over the entire worldwide medical industry and turned it upside down, from natural, truly healing care, that has virtually no side effects, to drugs made from highly toxic petrochemicals, that have many - often lethal - side effects.

More than 40,000 people die from pharmaceutical drugs, every year, in the United States alone. Worldwide 1,400,000 people die from adverse events  caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

Rockefeller accomplished his mission by buying the entire medical education industry, so he cold dictate to millions of doctors and nurses what to do, while he himself had no medical background whatsoever, and did this for the sole purpose of greed. 

The result of this criminal operation to subvert the worldwide healthcare system, is that medical doctors are not educated on how to help people recover and become healthy. They don't look for the root cause of problems, but are trained to tell people what petrochemical drugs to use to suppress symptoms.

That's why a medical education is not called "healing" but "medicine". Doctors are not educated on how to heal people, but they are trained to know what medicines to sell to their patients. 

The majority of medical practitioners don't understand even the most basic principles of the human body, ignore the effects of food or lifestyle, never look into natural ways to help the body recover, but all they do is repeat what John D. Rockefeller told them.

"Here, swallow this petrochemical pill, and you might feel better. If not, we will try a bunch others, and see what happens. And if you die, well, bad luck. I did what Rockefeller told me." It may sound exaggerated, but in essence this is exactly the situation. 

It explains why so many medical professionals had no problem to misdiagnose, mistreat and murder millions of people during the pandemic. It's also why they have no problem at all injecting people with experimental cocktails of undisclosed toxic substances. They don't think about what they are doing, have no awareness of the effects of their actions, because they have been trained to be brainless, unquestioning executioners of what Rockefeller tells them. Most medics are mindless minions of mastermind criminals. 

Rockefeller is also the founder of the World Health Organization. The WHO was never founded to help humanity become healthier, but to strengthen the monopoly of the Rockefellers on the global healthcare industry. That's why WHO director Tedros is no medical doctor, nor has he any understanding about healthcare, but he is a
former terrorist from the Ethiopian communist party. 

Today the Rockefeller Institute is still the driving force of the worldwide medical industry. They played a key role in orchestrating the pandemic, as revealed in our documentary THE PLAN. See our list of videos below. 

Who currently dictates healthcare?

Global healthcare in our time is largely dictated by Bill Gates, who knows nothing about healthcare, and has no medical training whatsoever, yet he has been positioned as the world's leading voice on healthcare. His advice consists of nothing else than forcing the entire world population to get injected with his untested and extremely toxic vaccines, over and over and over and over again. 

Hundreds of millions have died or suffer permanent damage, after being inoculated with his toxic cocktails of dangerous poisons (see our Vaccine Death Report).

Gates stated that investing in vaccines was his best business decision ever, making him wealthier than the computer industry. See this expose of how Gates operates as a world dictator, dictating policy in healthcare, agriculture, the food industry, the news media, weather manipulation, and so much more.

According to Famous Kin Bill Gates is related to Nelson Rockefeller. Fact is Gates and the Rockefeller Institute are two hands on one belly, as they collaborate closely to submit all of humanity to their nefarious vaccination, surveillance and control agendas.

george soros

Who else dictates the news?

Another example of how humanity is manipulated by wealthy criminals, is the news media, which is completely controlled by elitists with big wallets, like George Soros and many others. They control news agencies all around the world, in order to direct entire nations. Through the manipulation of the news, billionaires like Soros can effectively control public opinion and the behavior of billions of people. As a result a vast part of mankind is being steered to their doom, because they brainlessly believe the news.

The hypnotizing effect of the news is so great that the masses will believe anything they hear on the news, without any presentation of evidence whatsoever. People just believe what the news says, no questions asked, no evidence required, no research done.

Yet, when an intelligent friend, family member, or colleague shows them a research report, abounding with solid evidence and dozens of references, they reject that as false. The level of stupidity of the main public is incomprehensible to people who have maintained the ability to think in an intelligent way.

It is this brainwashed state of refusing to use common sense or applying healthy critical thinking, by the general public, that allows criminals like Rockefeller, Gates and Soros to destroy the world. It is for good reason they call people "cattle" and "idiots". Most people indeed function in a shockingly idiotic way. The sad thing is that they often even consider themselves to be wise, as they blindly repeat what the elites have told them to believe.

The good news is that hundreds of millions of people are waking up from this state of sleep walking and start being aware of their surroundings, and what is truly going on in their world.

They lie about everything

The incredibly concerning situation of our world today is that it are those same criminals who own the publishers of school books, science, historiography, sociology, the law, and so on. With their astronomical resources they control everything, and as a result dictate the narrative on every single topic on earth. 

Mankind is being lied to on a scale that is literally incomprehensible...

In school, college, university, on the radio, internet and TV, in Churches and seminars, hospitals, newspapers, ...
 It's all owned by the same people, who tell us what they want us to believe, and who hide everything else.

They even lie about your faith

This also goes for religion, as for example the doctrine of the rapture and the religious obligation to support the state of Israel was dictated to all of Christianity by the Rothschilds, a dynasty of bankers. See this highly revealing film about who is behind the state of Israel, and read this eye opening study about the rapture. It are also the bankers and elitists who dictate the LGBTQA+ and transgender madness (see this report). They dictate weather manipulation and geoengineering (see these films) and the destruction of farming worldwide so everyone will be forced to eat their GMO bugs. And the list goes on and on...


Watch the revealing documentaires below, that show abundant evidence for all the above, and much more! 

MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World?
See how a small group of investors own the entire world, which enables them to control your entire life. 

A top official of the United Nations exposes how the UN is a crimnal platform for oligarchs to seize control over the entire world.

See with your own eyes the proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose, by entities like Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Institute, the World Health Organization and others. 

BUSTED - Media Crimes Exposed
See how journalists worldwide are paid by billionaires to always lie to the public and never tell the truth.

See how a dynasty of bankers control the narrative in Christianity worldwide, for example concerning Israel.


It's high time that this scheme of global manipulation is exposed to all of humanity. Please share this page far and wide. Send it to your contacts, to people in authority, your local news media, schools, etc. 

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