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Something really strange is going on with Biden… Did you notice?

Several influential people like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Donald Trump have publicly stated that Joe Biden is not Joe Biden. In the following recorded newsclip, Sean Hannity asks the question "What happened to Joe?"

Could it be that Joe Biden is not the real Joe Biden? Let's take a good look at the face of the original Biden, and the guy currently posing as Biden. Are they indeed different?

The right ear lobe of the real Biden was thick, and disconnected from his head. The right ear lobe of the fake Biden is longer, thinner, and connected to his head.

The forehead of the real Biden was taller and wider.

The chin of the real Biden is wider.

A greyscale enlargement of the ears helps us zoom in on the ear lobes, showing the clear distinction. Not only the ear lobes, but the entire shape of the ear is different.

Look at the difference in skull and face. The real Biden had a much wider, stronger shaped head, with a larger forehead. His eyebrows were also much more dense.

new fake biden

Again, take a close look at the wider forehead of the original Biden, and the overall difference in facial features, like eye bags, eyebrows, eye lids, chin, etc.

These are more
than just body doubles

Famous public figures, like top politicians and celebrities, often have body doubles. These are lookalikes that can replace them, when they are too busy. I see Biden's body doubles all the time. If you search on Google for Biden images, you will find a wide variety of different men posing as Biden. When "Biden" is on television, or at an event, you never know who the guy really is. One of his many lookalikes, or the actual fake Biden? Here you see a body double for the current "Biden".

biden body double

This is another body double for the current fake Biden. Notice how his right ear lobe is also separate from the head, like the old Biden. 

For this comparison, however, I focus on the actual guys:
the old real Biden and the new fake Biden.

Why was Biden replaced?

The question is: what happened to the original Biden, and why was he replaced? Like Sherlock Holmes, all we can do is deduct from clues that we find. One major clue is that this fake Biden is being used to systematically destroy America. While shouting "Democracy, democracy!", he effectively abolishes all democracy by collaborating in vast election fraud.

During his rallies, hardly anyone ever showed up, and Biden was left speaking to empty chairs, while his opponent Trump drew the largest crowds in all of American history. Yet, Biden supposedly got more votes than any other president in history! 

A typical crowd during a Biden rally: a handful of people. In Arizona, literally no one came to Biden's rally! Not a single person... yet, he supposedly won this state with a landslide! Yeah, right...  

A typical crowd during a Trump rally: wherever he showed up, many thousands attended

Our election report shows several revealing documentaries, all presenting undeniable evidence that the US 2020 Presidential election was rigged. A lawyer from Italy even recorded himself on video, while reading a signed affidavit in which an Italian government official confessed that he was involved in stealing the US 2020 presidential election.

Watch this revealing short video about Italy's involvement in stealing tHe US 2020 presidential election:

The documentary "2000 Mules" shows surveillance footage of thousands of "mules" or people who went from one ballot box to another, stuffing them with tens of thousands of fake ballots. And the documentaries, "Absolute Proof" and "Scientific Proof", reveal the actual Chinese servers that were involved in flipping large numbers of votes from Trump to Biden.

In an urgent Wake Up Call, a retired Colonel from the US military explains how elections are being rigged to position puppets from criminal entities in our governments.


This fake Biden was positioned as a puppet to execute the agenda of abolishing America to make room for the New World Order of the World Economic Forum. Check out this report about the World Economic Forum and their agenda for world domination. It is clear that this man who poses as Biden is serving the WEF agenda, as he constantly uses their typical language, like "Build Back Better", "sustainable development goals", "climate change", etc. 

Biden may not even be the official president

There are fascinating indicators that something
even more peculiar is going on with this so-called "president". 
Look at the following striking irregularities
that occurred during the supposed inauguration
of "President Joe Biden"...

During a critical ceremony at the inauguration, none of the military displayed their ranks or honours on their jackets. That means they were not operating in their official authority, which made the ceremony INVALID.

At every inauguration, the new Chief in Command gets a Presidential Battery Salute from the military. The protocol is very specific: three guns fire 21 shots in in rapid succession. Biden never received this Presidential Salute. Instead, the military performed a salute at the Arlington National Cemetery which is for "laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns" (source).

When Biden's motorcade drove past the National Guard towards the Capitol, most of the soldiers kept their backs to him and refused to salute. This means they did not acknowledge him as their commander.

When Jill Biden walked past a soldier, she tried to shake his hand, but he stone cold ignored her. A public refusal to acknowledge the First Lady. 

On inauguration day, the usual government airplane didn't pick up Biden. He had to arrange his own private transportation.

When Joe and Jill Biden came to the White House, the doors were closed on them! They had to wait in the cold outside.

Biden supposedly was chosen by more Americans than any other president in all of American history, although virtually no one ever showed up for his rallies. People were even paid to attend!  And for the inauguration, the lack of a crowd was covered up by placing thousands of flags instead of people. 

Empty White House?

There have been numerous reports from people living near the White House that it often appears to be empty. The usual snipers that normally occupy the roof to protect the building are nowhere to be seen, and the hustle and bustle of cars and people coming and going is not happening either. 

The popular Diamond and Silk duo even rant about it on television: 

"Who is running this country? Because when I look up the White House webcam, I don’t see no snipers on the White House. And the White House looks clearly empty to me. And I’m wondering about something: something is going on, up under our noses."

Why is Biden using a fake TV set?

And why has Biden ordered the construction of a fake White House set for his speeches? No other American president ever did such thing! When presidents address the country, they sit in the White House - nowhere else. If Biden really is in the White House, why would he need to build a fake White House set for his public appearances? The official explanation is that he needs a teleprompter to read his scripts that others write for him. But this can also be done in the actual White House. There is no need whatsoever to build a set outside of the White House for this. 

And why are all present reporters strictly ordered not to mention the fact that they are not in the White House, but in a TV studio that fakes the White House? If this is nothing fishy, then why are they hiding it from the public? 

The following clip shows reporters walking into a fake White House TV set, instead of entering the actual White House.

Who is really in charge?

At the 2021 annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), one of the hosts made the following curious remark:

"Who's really in charge at the White House? Who here really believes that desiccated old weirdo is really in command at the White House?"

Fake Biden is waking up America

While attempting to hand over America to globalists, who want to establish a one world government, this fake Biden is doing something interesting: his blatant actions to devastate the United States and his ridiculous idiocy are waking up millions of Democrats to what is going on. They see his insane behavior, hear his ridiculous words, and understand that this man is a severe threat to America.

Take for example, the way Biden has been humiliating the US Military, repeatedly calling them "stupid bastards". What president does that to his own troops?  Is he doing this on purpose, or what? 

This raises the question: could this actor be an actual good guy, who is deliberately acting as a full-blown idiot, blatantly destroying America, with the purpose of waking up the sleeping Americans so they would stand up and defend their homeland?  Who can tell?  We may never know. Fact is that this actor is doing a great job in alarming many liberals to the incredibly sick agenda of the Democrat party.

Biden preys on every female

Of course, there's also the disgusting sniffing, kissing, touching and hugging of every female, no matter their age, that is going on with this predator... he just can't keep his hands off any girl or married woman. 

biden pedophile

Government is puppet theatre

This shows us that we cannot trust anything that happens in politics. They play a game with us - a real life puppet theatre - with living puppets, that fool us into blindly going along with their agenda. 

The purpose of this post is to make everyone aware of how we are being played by the governments on more than one level.  

We have to learn to think for ourselves and become intelligent critical thinkers and responsible citizens who take responsibility for our own lives instead of relying on corrupt governments. We must understand that governments are infested with criminals who use that power and finance to roll out nefarious agendas. Their words sound right, but their actions prove their true motivation.

Please share this post far and wide, to help wake up the people. We have to stop blindly following the puppet show of the governments and begin to take action to hold these criminals accountable.

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