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Look beyond the storm, to the dawn of a bright new day

Who are the people that changed the world for the better, throughout history?

"I know! I know! It were the naysayers! 
Those that never were positive, had no hope or vision, and only went with what their limited senses observed in the present. 
They always criticized those that did have a bigger, and more positive vision. They even felt smart because they weren't as "naive" as those that had dreams, and hopes for the future. 
Those were the ones who changed history for the better, and helped humanity."



We all know that is not true.

Naysayers never do something good. 

Humanity has never been helped by people who have a negative mindset. So why are so many of us so dark in our mind? Why do we focus on the bad all the time, while we mock those that see from a higher perspective?

Recently I shared a report about a historically unprecedented uprising against tyranny, by the people of Brazil. They know the election is stolen, and understand that the criminally positioned president is a Deep State puppet of the World Economic Forum, who will impose extreme tyranny on Brazil, for the sake of the agenda of the globalists. 

The fact that for the past months many millions have been protesting non-stop all over Brazil, and were even supported by the army, shows that something powerful is stirring in this beautiful nation. Criminal politicians worldwide freaked out about it on Twitter, expressing their fear that this might affect the entire world. 

After publishing these encouraging reports, I received quite a number of emails from people with good intentions, who tried to pour water over my fire, by telling me this entire protest is one big psyop of the government. 

When I take a good look at the most recent protest, it indeed has all the hallmarks of a trap. While the army at first protected them, they were ordered to step aside, and eventually almost two thousand were imprisoned. 

But still I am excited about what is happening in Brazil. The sheer number of people who have been protesting for several months now, is just unbelievable. I received several emails from people in South America, and one was from a group of Brazilians. The person representing this group, wrote me a sentence that hit the bulls eye:


That touched me, because this is exactly what I have learned to do. Even though we know that the illegitimate government is cracking down on the people of Brazil, I feel a deep excitement in my "gut". The past decades I have experienced that listening to my deeper senses, provides me with a more accurate intel, than than what my eyes see, my ears hear, my mind knows, and what people tell me. That's why I listen to the much deeper, and always more accurate, inner voice of the Creator who whispers deep down in our innermost being. We call this simply our “gut”. The Scriptures say: 

“Guard your heart, for from it flow the essences of life”. 

Our brain is just what it is: a grey blob of neurons. But humans are way more than a grey pudding in a mortal body. Anyone who knows anything about the real world, is fully aware that humans are in essence spiritual beings. Our body is like a jacket that is put over who we truly are. When we learn to operate in our deeper senses, we will have a better understanding. “Trust your gut”.

Did you know that the truly successful businessmen are those that have learned to listen to their “gut”?

Throughout history it have always been those that listened to their deeper inner man - from where dreams, visions, beliefs, and courage come - who did incredible exploits. They saw something with their spiritual eyes, they understood something with their spiritual mind, they felt something with their spiritual senses, and that's what gave them the strength to push through the visible circumstances, to a different world.

Well, in my inner man, my spirit, or my gut, however you wanna call it, I sense a great excitement, and joy, and I see a future so brilliant, it's hard to believe. This is a stronger foundation, than the present situation. And I see that millions worldwide share this deep conviction. There is more going on than evil rearing its ugly head. There is a volcano of truth starting to erupt, a wave of deliverance beginning to build, a roar of justice rumbling in the distance. 

Don’t be one of the dark naysayers, who think they are smart, but who are actually blinded by a dark veil over their mind.

Some people in the truth movement have been focussing so much on the evil in this world, they forgot how glorious the LIGHT is. Look at the bright light of the sun. Has there ever been a night that wasn’t followed by the sun?

They tried to kill me

When I was conceived, a dark voice whispered to my parents: “Kill him!” They considered abortion. My mother however also heard a different whisper… and she let me live. When I was born, she heard the voice of the Giver of life, more clearly than ever in her life. The voice spoke out loud to her:

“Give this baby a lot of love, because I love him a lot.”

I was almost killed during several accidents. Once a car hit me so hard, I flew through the air, but a bystander leaped forward and caught my head before it crashed on the concrete.

As a teenager I had an existential crisis and decided to take my life. With the razor at my wrist, I heard a voice: “Don’t do it. God has a plan with you.” I had ran away from this Reality for years, and couldn’t believe I heard this. But I hopped on my bike, and rode home.

I know I am here for a reason. 

My life was spared several times to tell the world: there is hope. There is a future. There is more than just darkness. There is a world so much more beautiful, and powerful than the deep dungeons of evil. 

The wicked have no authority. All they have is deception. If their lies are broken, they have NOTHING. Nothing at all. The Source of all life did NOT appoint, or anoint the wicked to rule on earth. They are totally illegitimate. The reason they have so much power, is because of their sophisticated deceptions. Once humanity is liberated from the many deceptions in our mind, we will rise up and see that our adversaries have no authority. That's why they are terrified of truth coming out. It's also why we have to do every effort to spread truth to mankind.

Strategic brainwashing of humanity

One of the ways they have been strategically brainwashing us, the past decades, is to reject our Creator. None of us chose to do this. The reason we reject a Giver of life and Origin of love, is because our minds have been controlled by our culture, media and education.

We are victims of severe brainwashing.

Fifty years ago the understanding that there is One who gave life to this world, was as basic as 1, 2, 3. Even in some early Disney movies, the actors in the film kneel down and pray for help. You can see this for example in "Journey to the Center of the earth". The adventurous heroes ask the Creator for help, before they enter the depths of the earth. It was normal. The mass rejection of the Origin of all that is good, is a recent phenomenon, that gained traction as radio and TV was used to brainwash the world population to move away from what every human being knows deep down to be true.

We have fallen prey to a vast system of lies.

But the tide is turning. I am here to tell you: let go of your dark, hopeless mindset. The future is brilliant, beautiful, bright and bigger than you can dream.

We do have to climb a mountain first, to find the better world. We must keep our eyes fixed on the other side, because in the present we don't see it yet. Did Martin Luther King see any change? No. He was shot to death before anything happened. But his dream came to pass. Nobody who brought about a great change in this world saw it with his eyes, at first. That's why there is always that still small voice, deep inside of us, that says: 

"Hey, look up! What do you see? Can you believe it?”

Open your eyes, dear people. We will see the change in our world. Hang in there. Don’t give up. Stand strong. And do what you can, to help this transformation.

We all walk a different journey, have different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, we all will learn and change in the future. But our hearts are set for the same purpose: a better world that is not ruled by satanic criminals.

May we have hearts of hope and courage.

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