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This is the real problem with eating GMO, factory bred bugs

The problem with eating insects is not that insects are dirty or wrong. There are plenty of cultures that eat them. It is true that some insects are a good food source. However, the problem is that they genetically manipulate these insects, breed them en masse in factories where they are fed the very worst food imaginable - the cheaper and more unnatural the better - and there is essentially nothing natural about these insects, which will make them extremely toxic.

The second problem is the MOTIVATION why this is being done: the goal is to make humanity completely dependent on this new food source, which will be offered mainly by the criminal elites. Therefore, they are destroying the current food industry in order to drive everyone to this new supply. The motive behind this revolution is pure crime.

The excuse that eating insects will save the earth is, of course, the biggest crock anyone could ever come up with. If they wanted to save the earth, they would do a hundred thousand other changes.

But while they claim that cows should die because their farts are destroying the earth, they just carry on:

✔︎ Cutting down trillions of trees,
✔︎ Expanding industry zones,
✔︎ Polluting the sea, land and air,
✔︎ Driving everyone away from nature to the big cities,
✔︎ Spraying agriculture with heavy toxins,
✔︎ Drenching all food with chemical poisons,
✔︎ Stuffing everything with refined sugars,

Those are some examples of what would REALLY be changed, if they cared about the well-being of man and earth. But claiming that cows should be eradicated, and everyone switch to eating GMO, factory bred bugs, belongs in the top ten of the sickest lies ever conceived. 

Let this sink in... These are the kind of bugs that are going to "save" the earth:

✔︎ Genetically engineered, therefore unhealthy
✔︎ Grown in factories, therefore unhealthy
✔︎ 100% industrial, therefore unhealthy
✔︎ Fed crap, therefore unhealthy
✔︎ They know no sunlight or fresh air, therefore unhealthy
✔︎ Result is toxic insects, therefore unhealthy
✔︎ Making everyone dependent, even more unhealthy!

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