This website is a tool to awaken humanity to the globalist agenda of imposing world tyranny. Please share it far and wide.


What can you do to help save our world from tyranny? Our World Freedom Directory allows you to connect with freedom organizations worldwide, while the World Freedom Prayer (coming soon) helps you locate spiritual groups that pray for the deliverance of humanity. You also find practical guides for personal action, alternative solutions for the systems of the elites, media downloads, and empowering encouragement. And you will learn about a worldwide high level military operation, to save humanity from the diabolical agenda of the globalists.


Find groups in your nation where you can receive information, legal advice, documents, and a community to help defend your freedom. Get involved with local organizations that are taking action against world tyranny.


Learn how to pray with authority, to take down the demonic strongholds of oppression, that bind humanity. Connect with prayer groups worldwide, to join forces in this spiritual warfare.

Practical guideS for personal action

Learn how you can take action to stop worldwide tyranny. Here you find "10 Steps to stop the New World Order", insights in how the world will ultimately be saved, lawful ways to defend unlawful mandates and more.


Discover the military intelligence operation that connects high level patriots around the world, who have been working for decades to save the world from the globalist agenda of imposing total tyranny on humanity.

to awaken the people

A censorship-free way to inform people in your community, is by distributing flyers and posters. Post them on social media, send them in an email, and print as many copies as you like. Put them up in public places that allow it, drop them in mailboxes, or hand them out to people.

to keep you strong

How can you hold on to believing things will get better, when everything seems to be getting worse? These inspiring posts will lift your spirit, and open your eyes to see how humanity is waking up as never before.

a better world

For decades the globalist entities had a monopoly on social media, finance, and every industry. But the tide is turning, as new solutions are being created every single day, to replace the tyrannical systems of the elites. Disconnect from the old and start supporting the new solutions that defend freedom. 


Brilliant engineers worldwide are developing free energy solutions, that will ultimately end the criminal power grid that enslaves humanity to energy corporations. 

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