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Aggressive censorship methods are used to prevent our life-saving information from reaching you. You need to take action to ensure you don’t miss out. Here’s what you can do:

Check YOUR spam folder

75% of our readers never see our life-saving and life-changing emails, because they are sent straight to their spam folder.

This is a typical censorship method, to prevent truth from reaching the public: label emails with truth as spam.

Don't be one of those who miss out.
Be wise and make it a regular habit to CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

In fact our very first email to you is most likely in your spam folder.
So go there now first of all, and find it. The sender is Stop World Control.

Once you find our email, select it and drag it to the inbox.
Then mark it as 'no spam'.

Send us an empty email

This will add our email address to your address book, which tells spam filters we are not spam, and you will receive the information in your inbox.

Send an empty email now to: [email protected]


Do not allow censorship to hide critical truth from you. Take the above steps now, to ensure you will be notified about very important, life saving information.