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Leading news editors confess on camera how journalists worldwide are paid to "always lie, and never tell the truth to the public." They are bribed by the CIA, billionaires, governments and secret societies to manipulate the public. News media are used to control what the population thinks, feels, and does. Although we see hundreds of different news agencies in the world, we don't understand how they are all owned by the same small handful of people. 

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Out of Shadows

Hollywood insiders step out of the shadows to reveal to humanity how the CIA and other entities specifically instruct Hollywood what messages they must send to the world. They also expose child trafficking and sexual abuse in Hollywood.


"The strategy of Google is to program humanity", says Google senior software developer Zach Vorhies. "They want to sculpt the information landscape, and only show information that fits their agenda."  "Google has dozens of blacklists with tens of thousands of websites which they are hiding from the world". Zach Vorhies worked with Google for eight years and was shocked about their manipulation program. He revealed 950 pages of Google documents to the Department of Justice. He also went to Project Veritas to expose the full truth. 

Can I tell you a secret?

We are revealing a lot more than just this video. For example how one single corporation virtually owns the entire world, who the obscured entities are that control most governments, how our elections are being rigged to position puppets of criminals, how our weather is being manipulated to create "climate change", and even how pandemics are orchestrated to impose tyranny on humanity. Everything is 100% evidence based, and can be extensively fact checked through hundreds of references. 

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