covid fraud

I discovered extreme worldwide deception

At the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed how countless doctors and scientists worldwide were censored, and how millions of deaths and illnesses were incorrectly labeled as C0V.

To my amazement, I observed on social media how thousands of people said they went to a doctor or hospital for broken limbs, heart conditions or other health issues... and were falsely labeled as C0V patients. This was happening all over the world. 

See evidence of this worldwide fraud here.

It clearly revealed a coordinated global effort
to aggressively and fraudulently increase C0V numbers.

Physicians got rich by faking C0V deaths

Then I heard medical personnel admitting they were forced by the authorities to do this, and that physicians even received huge financial incentives to label everyone as C0V. In the USA, hospitals got a whopping 40,000 dollars for every death they labeled as C0V.

No evidence was required.  Just fill out 'C0V' on the death certificates and cash in.

Next, I witnessed how honest physicians all over the world that were successfully treating their C0V patients came under severe attack by the authorities. They were censored, their websites were taken down, many were fired, medical licenses were suspended and some... were even found dead.

See evidence of this here.

Treatments for C0V, that were saving millions of lives,
were banned and hidden by the authorities.

A criminal agenda unveiled

Being a natural researcher, all these highly concerning irregularities triggered my curiosity, and I began an in-depth investigation.

What I found is disturbing, to say the least. The evidence that this pandemic is not natural or normal in any way is overwhelming. Fact upon fact surfaced that this is an operation that has been planned carefully for decades, and is unleashed on humanity with a criminal purpose.

See evidence that the pandemic is planned here.

The agenda is clear: implement a new system
of worldwide tyrannical control and surveillance,
under the guise of a health emergency.

I came in contact with countless scientists, physicians and lawyers all over the world who confirmed what I was discovering. Therefore, I decided to create Stop World Control as a platform for the voice of freedom, to help expose this criminal agenda.

Warning the world, so people can defend themselves

My purpose with Stop World Control is to share truth with humanity that enables people to discern what is really going on in our world, so they can defend their life, freedom and future. 

I have made several groundbreaking documentaries, like The Battle for Humanity, with Dr. Carrie Madej, and Forbidden Cures, with the world-renowned biophysicist Andreas Kalcker. I also had the honor of helping others make incredible films like Monopoly: Who Owns the World? 

I have set up the World Freedom Directory, which lists over 600 organizations
around the world fighting for the freedom of humanity.
This is a great resource to find like-minded people and join forces. 

Vaccine Death Report

Science shows how millions have died from the injections

cover vaccine death report

Together with the ‘Physician of Presidents’ and Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, I made the Vaccine Death Report. This shocking report reveals overwhelming scientific evidence that the mandated injections have killed millions and permanently disabled hundreds of millions.

It is the most comprehensive report in existence, showing how these inoculations are not helping anybody, but are in fact causing unprecedented destruction around the world to countless innocent people.

The Vaccine Death Report also reveals the full agenda of the criminals who are responsible for this devastation. The report, however, ends by offering hope for the future.

⚠️  A must read for all who desire to understand what is going on worldwide. Click here to download the report.

Grand Jury Evidence

Top experts, lawyers and a judge present evidence for world tyranny

Grand Jury Evidence 1

One of my recent projects is the GRAND JURY EVIDENCE by the renowned attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. A group of attorneys and a judge listen to top experts from the World Health Organization, the United Nations, British Secret Services, the UK and US military, the UK Health Agency, Pfizer, the CDC and so on. These top-level experts all reveal the criminal agenda for world domination by financial elites, under the guise of the pandemic.

This evidence is presented to a Grand Jury, during six model proceedings.

I set out to summarize these very long legal proceedings in easy-to-read PDF documents so this critical information can reach a greater audience.

⚠️ Make sure to check out this eye opening and mind-blowing Grand Jury Evidence. Download it for free here.

No conspiracy theories,

just 100% solid facts

All my reports and productions are 100% evidence-based. I have no interest whatsoever in unfounded conspiracy theories. I am not wasting my time, energy and life with nonsense. I look at facts that are so clear and undeniable, that I know something very real is going on here.

I encourage you not to simply believe anything I say, but to listen with an honest and courageous heart to what these world-leading experts are saying. Then think for yourself and learn to discern.

The criminal news media and government propaganda demand unquestioning acceptance of all the nonsense they are telling you. Asking intelligent questions and applying healthy discernment is strictly forbidden. Only brainless submission is allowed.

I do the opposite, and I pray that you will also: please use your common sense, develop sharp discernment, learn to think for yourself, and make it a habit to do deep research (waaaay beyond the first pages of Google search results, which are tailored to misinform you).

It’s time to become intelligent, conscious, brave humans again,
instead of braindead slaves of a criminal system
that forbids intelligence.

The world is waking up!

It's not all bad news, however. In the midst of this unprecedented global crime, we are witnessing something even more incredible: for the first time in the history of mankind, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are waking up from the deep sleep of complete ignorance and deception, and are beginning to see how they are being lied to by the powers that be.

Countless intelligent, good hearted, caring and conscious people from all nations and every culture rise in unity to oppose this criminal agenda.

The hidden entities that have been terrorizing humanity for centuries are being exposed like never before. The veil of deception is being lifted, and the world is beginning to see what is really going on.

I see a great future ahead, as the truth is marching on, and the courageous, caring people of this world are joining together to build a new world for our children.

I invite you to be part of this amazing historic revolution
of truth, love and hope. Together we can build
a better world - if we do the right thing.

Please help our fight for freedom

I am offering all our documentaries, reports, and emails for free to the whole world, because I want people to wake up and the world to be saved. This is a challenge, however, as we are not funded by some criminal billionaire, as is the corrupt and lying news media. If you value Stop World Control, then please support us with a generous donation.

Thank you so much!

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