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Crimes Against Humanity

An overview of cruel crimes against humanity, committed by the globalist financial elites, who run the WEF, WHO, UN, IMF, BIS, and other organizations. Ranging from organized pandemics and wars, to climate warfare, and mass mind control. 


Pandemics Are Planned And Orchestrated

Evidence how pandemics are not a natural occurrence, but meticulously orchestrated operations, unleashed on humanity with the purpose of reducing the world population, and increasing control over the survivors.

vaccine death report injection

Vaccines Kill Hundreds of Millions Worldwide

Scientific data reveals how vaccines are greatly reducing the world population. They also start the process of transhumanism, by injecting substances that modify the human DNA and spread nanotechnology throughout the human body.

Elections Are Rigged To Position Globalist Politicians

Evidence how important elections worldwide are strategically stolen, in order to position politicians who serve the agenda of world domination, by the globalist financial elites.

Our Weather Is Manipulated To Create Climate Change

Government documents, and expert testimonies reveal how climate change is a hoax, to install tyranny on humanity. In reality the weather is heavily manipulated by governments. 

The Plan To Replace Humanity With Robots

Expert testimonies reveal the plan to submit the world to the rule of a new species of genetically edited, and technologically enhanced super-elites, who will be more different from us, than we are from chimpansees.

Digital Currencies Control Your Life

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) gives tyrants full control over your finances, as they can monitor every transaction, limit what you can spend, and even delete your funds. What happens already with PayPal, would become commonplace.

Financial Elites Who Control The World

Award winning docuseries reveals the "cabal": an international network of astronomically wealthy super-criminals, who use their unlimited financial resources to control the world, and cause human suffering. Their downfall is however near.

The News Media Deceives The Public

Shocking revelations from insiders of the biggest news media worldwide, who confess how the news is used to manipulate humanity, and steer the public towards the agenda of the superrich criminals who own the major news networks. 

Networks Of Child Trafficking For Political Leaders

Testimonies from eye witnesses and survivors about how children worldwide are abused by high ranking officials. Children are used as a commodity to "pay your way" to high positions in governments, law enforcement, finance, media and business. 


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5G Terror

High frequency communications networks are weapon systems, that create viruses inside of the human body, and transmit signals that can insert thoughts and emotions into the population. It is the ultimate method to fully terrorize humanity, without most people being aware of it.


The food industry has increasingly become a criminal operation with the purpose of weakening the world population. Now they want to make humanity dependent on synthetic meat, GMO insects, and forbid the people to grow their own food, or breed their own animals.


The LGBTQ+ agenda infiltrates schools, entertainment, media, and culture to indoctrinate children into destroying their sexual identity, which ruins their life, and cripples society. Its ultimate goal is to normalize child abuse, and other severe perversions like sex with animals.

Tax Crimes

Governments claim that taxes serve to build the country, but in reality most tax funds flow right into the pockets of criminals, who use it to fund their unlawful operations. In the USA for example, the IRS is controlled by the Rothschilds.


Many nations are set up as for profit commercial corporations, where the people are registered as products owned by this corporation. People are led to believe they live in a democracy, while their country is simply a business, that profits off of their misery. 


Virtually all images and footage published by NASA are computer generated, recorded in green screen studios, and photoshopped. Evidence reveals that space agencies are shamelessly lying to the public, in orde to force certain beliefs about the universe and the earth onto the population. What are they trying to hide from humanity?


While claiming to be a humanitarian cult, freemasonry is in fact covert satanism, which infiltrates every official sphere of our societies, with the purpose of spiritually blinding, binding and controlling everyone who has a position of influence.


The Church of Satan performs rituals including the abuse, torture and murder of babies, and adults. It teaches people to serve the forces of evil. In not a single country worldwide is this cruel, dark religion outlawed. In fact many government officials are members of this nefarious religion.


An absurd fairytale that lacks any and all foundation in reality, while defying every aspect of true science, has been aggressively imposed on humanity, as the only acceptable explanation for the origin of life. It reduces royal and divine humans to mere beasts without value, or destiny, and it steals the meaning and purpose of our life. The lie of evolution forms the basis for transhumanism and other dark agendas. 


Unfathomable riches in the area of free energy, advanced technology, ancient civilizations, spiritual wisdom, health solutions, ancient species, astronomy, and more are being hidden from humanity. Nothing we have learned about our past is accurate, as the most significant realities have been buried, in order to prevent humanity from discovering these depths of abundance.

last days madness

For centuries the Christian Church was the nr. 1 transformational force on earth, expelling demon worship, abolishing slavery, and establishing schools, hospitals, and social justice. A century ago the Rothschilds infiltrated Christianity with end time theologies, that destroyed the influence of billions of Christians in the world.

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