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Learn how to pray effectively against the forces of darkness and deliver the world from evil

Most Christians have never learned how to exert their God-given authority over the forces of darkness. Religion has taught us to "beg" God and then "hope" for some kind of an answer. Scripture shows us that true children of the Most High - who are in Christ, led by the Spirit - have received divine and royal authority to cast out evil spirits, heal the sick, and expose corruption. The World Freedom Prayer teaches the royal children of the Almighty to walk in their identity in Christ, and learn to operate from our position in the heavens, where we are seated with the King of kings and Lord of lords. 

We don't beg God, but allow Him to move in and through us, to manifest His healing, deliverance and restoration on earth.


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Release the righteous judgement of God over the wicked, to abolish their works, and deliver the righteous from ungodly oppression

Break demonic strongholds over the nations, so the people are set free from the suffocating grip on their soul

Tear down the veil of hypnosis over humanity, so they will see truth and be released from the mind control

Declare exposure of the hidden works of the wicked, so they can no longer hide from justice and will face divine trial

Release the healing power of Christ over humanity, so those that are wounded by evil will find recovery and abundant life

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Our enemies are multi-trillionaires and billionaires, whose unlimited financial resources allow them to buy and deceive the whole world. If you want to see humanity liberated from their grip, then please support Stop World Control, so we can open the eyes of millions worldwide. Together we can do the impossible! 


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