February 4

House of Freedom


Detailed Information

House of Freedom is a private unincorporated member organization comprised of men and women that seek the truth for the evolution of mankind. We serve those who have awakened to the reality that we are in fact the children of God, the true creditors of our nations and the source from which law emanates. The members of the House of Freedom embody experience, knowledge, wisdom, benevolence, and honorable self-governance. Truth stands at the base of everything we do. We treat our neighbor the way in which we wish to be treated and we love God with all our heart, mind and soul. From these basic principles, our membership takes on the ministry of building new holistic self-supporting societies. Our members learn to remove themselves from the illusion of the economic debt slave matrix and use their knowledge of the law to protect themselves, their families, their property and their neighbors. We encourage the creation, operation and function of churches, trusts and private unincorporated associations (UA) for the advancement of private communities to support and elevate mankind.


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