This website is a tool to awaken humanity to the globalist agenda of imposing world tyranny. Please share it far and wide.

World Freedom Directory



Get legal advice and documents to help you resist criminal vaccine mandates.


Connect with like-minded people. Join in local actions, protests, etc.


Websites that expose the criminal plan of the New World Order.


Medical professionals risking their careers speaking up against the mainstream narrative.


Brave politicians who oppose this tyrannical agenda, and who defend freedom.


Find businesses that stand for freedom. Support them by voting with your money.

How to use this directory

What is the purpose of this directory?

Allow people to find groups in their nation where they can receive information, legal advice, documents, and a community to help defend their freedom.

Encourage people to get involved with local organizations that are doing protests, legal actions, information warfare, crisis preparation, etc.

Offer truth from different sources. Humanity is under attack by corrupt newsmedia and government propaganda that misinforms them. The truth will set them free.

Enable freedom fighters to connect, share knowledge, build community and become stronger together.

Show humanity that it’s not a few 'conspiracy theorists' who see what is going on, but the WORLD is rising up against tyranny.

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Some people are worried that putting all these organizations on a map, can be dangerous. It is however important not to live in fear, but to be courageous. If we want to live in hiding, there’s no point to rising up. The advantages of this directory outweigh the potential risks of being exposed. We help humanity find freedom organizations that can help them defend their life and freedom. We encourage everyone to get involved in local actions. We offer truth from different sources to help inform the public. And we inspire the building of communities so people are stronger together.  

The world needs us. Let's help them.  

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