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We are seeing incredible things in our world…

Pedophilia is being promoted as a natural sexual orientation that must be accepted. Parents who protect their children are called “haters”.

Children are being indoctrinated to surgically alter their sex – without the consent of their parents.

Sexual education is being pushed into kindergarten and first grade, with a focus on homosexual education.

Men are told to dress like women and vice versa. Severe sexual confusion is being pushed into many nations of the world.

Every year millions of children disappear, while investigators are uncovering vast international networks of child trafficking by high level officials.

Effective cures for covid are being outlawed, and physicians who are saving the lives of their patients with these cures are being fired and even arrested.

An experimental, DNA-altering injection with undisclosed toxic ingredients is being forced onto all of humanity.

Cities are testing the limiting of movement of people to 15 or 20 minutes from their homes. Unprecedented surveillance is being installed in these cities.

Billionaires gather at the World Economic Forum to plan the future of humanity. Their decisions profit them, while impoverishing everyone else.

Digital IDs will impose unprecedented tyranny, as only people who have had their umpteenth booster injection will be allowed to partake in society.

Digital currencies will only allow people to use banking services if they have the required social credit score. This score will be determined by your level of compliance.

Chemicals are being sprayed in the skies to ‘block the sunlight and prevent global warming’, while leading world scientists exclaim that climate change is a hoax.

Thousands of farmers are being forced to kill their livestock, while genetically modified insects are pushed as the new food source for humanity.

Energy prices in Europe have increased 5- to 20-fold overnight, destroying countless small businesses.

The UN and WEF state publicly that in the near future, cyborgs will rule over all of humanity, while A.I. will direct our lives.

Elitist billionaires are working on transplanting their minds into artificial carriers to achieve immortality.

The WEF publicly states that soon governments will read our thoughts, emotions and dreams, which will be recorded 24/7.

The president of Chile stated on national TV that 5G has the ability to insert thoughts and feelings into the population.

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What is going on?

Stop World Control is a unique platform in the world, where some of the world’s leading scientists, lawyers, journalists, and religious leaders are allowed to speak freely. They are warning humanity of a nefarious agenda that is being rolled out by criminal financial interest groups. They also provide ways to prevent this global takeover and to build a better world for all of us. Sign up below to be accurately informed, so you can defend your life and that of your loved ones. Become part of a worldwide movement of hundreds of millions of people who are saying «NO!» to this madness, and who are working to build a better world. 

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