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How We Are Waking Up The World – Step By Step

Dear Friends,

In our revealing post "Who are the hidden rulers of the world?" we unveil some of the concealed entities who secretly control most governments in the world, and who aim to execute an agenda for world domination. This post is not meant to name every single person and family, but it's goal is to expose to humanity how we are being fooled immensely by obscured actors, who use our governments as a public puppet theatre. We see corrupt politicians, and criminal government agencies, but fail to understand how they are mere puppets dancing on strings of unknown entities.

It is critical for all of us to wake up to this profound, fundamental reality lest we keep fighting ineffective battles for a better future. We must look beyond the superficial level, and understand the underground root systems of this evil network.

While I have unveiled some basic entities, and the fundamental principle of what is truly going on, it is impossible to reveal all the details and names at once, of all who are behind the worldwide terror operations like planned pandemics, orchestrated wars, climate change hoax, economic collapse, and so on.

Some people get frustrated because I don’t disclose everything yet, like how the Khazarian mafia took over the Royal families, and how they came from Ukraine which was previously called Khazaria, and how they trace back to ancient Babylon and other deeply dark cultures mentioned in the Bible, going all the way back to the serpent in Genesis and the great spiritual corruption mentioned in Enoch with the Nephilim.

Others are angry because I don’t explain yet how the core of the cabal claims to be Jewish, and base their beliefs on the satanic Talmud that states people are insects or animals and only a real Jew is a human.

I know all that and a whole lot more. But I cannot and will not reveal everything all at once, because the goal is not to overwhelm people with things they have no mental way of comprehending.

The goal is to wake up the world, by lifting the veil that covers the hidden operations of evil entities.

This is the first step: showing that we are all being fooled by the illusion of "governments", and explaining the basic reality of how the world works entirely different than what we think. This is what must happen first of all. Shattering the lies of politics, which is literally a puppet show for the people. And also encouraging you, by showing how a different breed of politicians is emerging who expose this puppet show and demand reformation.

Nations are commercial corporations set up to profit from the people who are products. It’s as simple as that. Democracy is a complete deception, designed to dull down the populations who are made to believe they have any say, while their nations are led by CEO’s who enslave every born human.

I ask for your understanding and patience while we gradually lift the veil, and reveal more and more, step by step.

Take of your dark glasses

Another point of criticism I must deal with, is the dark mindset that there is no hope and we are all doomed. Whenever I mention the plan to save the world, and the good elements who are fighting for deliverance of mankind, I see people raging in anger, accusing me of spreading false hope, or “hopium”. This is very sad, if you live in the deep deception that darkness is all there is. Very sad. And totally dishonest too, because the reality is extremely obvious that there is an unprecedented movement worldwide that is busy destroying the serpent that deceives the nations.

Never before in the history of humanity was there such a movement, where hundreds of millions of people begin to wake up, millions are turning back to God, and truth is being revealed left and right, like never before.

And this is just the first phase of this awakening. There is a lot of controlled opposition as the CIA, Mossad, MI6 etc. are positioning their false truth tellers as the biggest and most influential channels all over the alternative media. But they dig their own grave. The Spirit of Truth is speaking to millions at once, and the tide is turning. The great reveal is inevitable, the mass revival of mankind is destined. Restoration of Creation is coming. And we all play a part in it.

There are several operations ongoing to further deceive humanity, as a fake alien invasion, just as a fake alien rescue, is being planned. All to keep mankind away from the Creator. For decades the cabal has been producing hundreds of blockbuster movies to program the mind of mankind to believe in aliens and many in the awakened community have fallen for it.

That our beliefs about aliens are entirely the fruit of watching Disney movies, evades our awareness.

hidden rulers

But this agenda will also work against the wicked and the alien lie will fall to the ground as well. I believe that step by step we will see how all their attempts fail, one by one, and will assist in the ongoing unmasking of the wicked.

Even their agenda to "save" the world with a World Teacher, who will come to "end all tyranny" with a full blown false religion of concealed satanism, presented as "Love and Light", where a false Christ will attempt to completely take over the entire world. This will also fail.

The future of humanity and the earth is destined for restoration and deliverance. But all these waves of ongoing deception are needed to wake us up...

We have to see with our own eyes how every lie we prefer over the Creator is destructive and devastating.

Too many people who claim to be awake still choose every other option over simply bowing their knee before the true Giver of life and love. They run after aliens, imagined Galactic Federations, ancient gods, ancestral spirits, all kinds of self-worship, magic, and so on. Everything is accepted, except the true worship of the one and only Creator of all life. They use the name of Christ to promote the concept of "Christ consciousness" while totally rejecting Christ Himself. It is pure witchcraft and rebellion, which is the essence of evil. Rebellion and self- worship over humility and acknowledging the glory of the Creator.

This stubborn pride will have to die, before mankind can at last return to the One who loves us so much that He never gives up.

But even mentioning this will enrage many who read this, as the deep rebellion against the Creator is still the foundation of millions who claim to love truth.

Please understand that the true awakening is a gradual process where truth is being revealed in increments. And sadly humanity is so stubborn and unwilling as a whole, and so keen on preferring deception over truth, that we must be led towards deliverance through pain and shame, where we see and feel how our persistent preference of lies over truth, always harms us. We learn it the hard way.

But the end goal is a world where the truly humble and pure hearted children of God rise up and remove the wicked from their seats of influence, so that goodness can increasingly reign on earth.

About all of this a million more things can be said. Please do not be irritated when something you believe "must" be revealed right now, and it is not done according to your timeline. Wisdom is needed, and strategy. We can’t just dump incomprehensible concepts onto the minds of little babies who haven’t even learned how to think.

It takes time

My mission is to open the eyes of mankind, not to shut their eyes by shocking them with terror.

The report about the agenda of World Domination contains a lot of basic information that you won’t easily find anywhere else in the same comprehensive clarity, which can effectively wake up humanity to the essence of the situation, which is what is needed right now.

Please read and share this report anywhere you can. 

It is fully referenced and contains just enough in depth information to validate it and inform the public about the threat of world tyranny by the hands of incredibly nefarious agents.

We can defeat them, if we refuse to be idiots, and decide to turn wholeheartedly to the full truth. If we do what it takes, and instead of judging and criticizing, rise up and do genuine effort to spread the truth.

The key is not to reveal everything there is to know, which is simply too devastating, confusing and overwhelming. The secret is to reveal what the world needs to know, in order to resist the agenda of the wicked.

My personal recovery

Prayers for my recovery are deeply valued, as I am currently extremely weak and the last weeks I have been fighting for my life everyday. I write this quick post on my phone, while in bed, to help those that fail to understand our strategy. Hopefully this helps.

Prayers and support are valued. I believe in a good future and I will fully recover. But it will take time.

If you want to support my recovery from the heart crisis, you can do so here:

For a bright future of a better world,

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