⭐️ POWERFUL PROPHECY ⭐️ About Donald Trump & Our Bright Future

trump prophecy

As far back as 1983, several prophecies were spoken about Donald Trump and his presidency. This never happened before in history, with any political leader. Even more amazing, is that every prophecy about Donald Trump came to pass. Even the details of what he would do, were predicted: how Trump would fight corruption, protect America against socialism, expose corruption, build a wall, defend freedom of the people, and so much more.

Now prophets say God will make Trump president again 

In 2016 God spoke through Kat Kerr that Donald Trump would be President of America, for 8 years. In the following prophecy you hear God confirm His plan. He will expose the election fraud, punish the corruption of the wicked, and... give America - and the world - a bright future!

Listen to this amazing prophecy about Donald Trump's
 next 4 years as President of America


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