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Rumble censors critical video that everyone should see

Rumble censors video

The supposedly uncensored video platform Rumble has deleted our video that shows how schools are instructing children to masturbate. This video is part of the World Health Organization and United Nations guidelines issued to schools worldwide, in which they instruct education authorities to make sure that little children start with sexual activities in kindergarten. See this shocking evidence report.

It was published by one of the worlds #1 pedophilia organizations, the Rutgers Foundation, who was chosen by the WHO and UN to execute their agenda of grooming little kids in schools of 27 nations. Rutgers is financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Planned Parenthood.

The fact that even Rumble censored this video is highly revealing. On the one hand, it exposes how Rumble may claim to be a platform that does not silence the people, but in reality they do delete anything that will expose the criminal agenda of the elites too clearly.

And it shows that this video is of extreme importance, and has tremendous power to expose the intensely evil agenda of the WHO and UN.

I have replaced the video with a version on BitChute, where it is still allowed. If you care about saving our world from tyranny and evil, then please share this video far and wide. You will find it in the Pedophilia Report, if you scroll down.

Rumble censors video

Go to the report and share it. Download the video and post it everywhere. Don’t hesitate to spread this far and wide! If there ever was a time that we need to rise up and do what it takes to help save humanity from this intense evil, it is today.

Wake up the world, in any way you can.

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