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I would like to say thank you to two heroes of humanity, who are not afraid to take a stand against the insanely nefarious plans of the World Health Organization and United Nations to normalize pedophilia.

The first is Dr Robert Malone, who tweeted our report about the worldwide operation to normalize pedophilia through the schools. It was seen by 561,000 people, and shared 8,000 times.

Dr Malone is one of the foremost scientific authorities in the worldwide movement for medical truth. He is the inventor of the original mRNA technology and is horrified to see how it is misused to devastate hundreds of millions of people. So he stood up to warn humanity.

He however doesn’t stop at the pandemic crimes, but has the courage to see the bigger picture of the full agenda of these criminals, which includes normalizing pedophilia. His decision to tweet our evidence report, and hence alert thousands of influential people, will have a lasting impact on the rest of the course of history.

Senator confronts parliament about agenda to groom children

Another hero is Australian senator Malcolm Roberts who, one week after the worldwide release of my report, has begun talking about this in the Australian parliament, exposing how the UN and WHO are grooming kids for pedophiles in primary education worldwide. As most politicians sit in silence, scared to speak about this, Malcolm Roberts stood up, and confronted the Australian government with this blatant pedophilia agenda. He said:

‘Adult sexual content has no place in a child’s education in the way these monsters propose. It’s time to get out of the pervert’s paradise that the UN and it’s agencies have become’.

Again, this will cause a lasting shockwave, as one wave creates more, and more, and more waves... all around the world. It is waking people up in places of authority worldwide, and exposes the deeply nefarious nature of the WHO and UN.

I encourage everyone with any kind of influence to follow the example of these brave men, who are not afraid to bring this horror to the attention of people in high levels of authority. Send the report to schools, local law enforcement, local politicians, local newspapers, etc. Be short and polite in your communication.

You find the report here...

May we all be heroes, who stand up for the children, humanity as a whole and the future of our world.

David Sorensen

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