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Dear Freedom Warriors,

Some of you told me that you only want to receive ‘new’ information from me, and when you receive something you have seen before, you respond in frustration:

‘Hey, that’s old news. I already know that!’

It is great that many of you know a lot already of what is going on in the world. That shows how humanity is beginning to wake up.

But to be honest, when people respond with ‘I already know this!’, it breaks my heart.


Because it shows me that so many of us are not looking beyond our own interests, to the world that’s in extreme need.

It's wonderful that you know certain truths already. But... but 90% of humanity is still blind.

If you receive critical, life saving truth that you know already, then please look further and see how the world around you is in dire need of this information. Billions are being steered towards their doom. 

Please become somebody who cares about them, and who seeks ways to share these truths with humanity. 

The world needs you!

The greatest threat
to humanity of all time

Never before in the existence of our world, has there been such a great threat to the very existence of humanity as in our time, where the criminal rulers not only want to steal all our rights, freedoms and possessions (as they did during the planned plague) - they now have the technological ability to forever eradicate even our ability to think for ourselves. And they are actively working towards implementing this in society. As the president from Chile said on national TV:

‘5G will not only read your thoughts, it will insert thoughts and feelings. And we will make sure it reaches every home in the country.’

That’s not a joke, these insane psychopaths literally work towards controlling the minds of humanity 24/7, with the new technologies that can manipulate what people are able to think or feel. This opens a whole new realm of tyranny for humanity, that previous criminal dictators could only dream of.

I am preparing a documentary about this, that will shock you, as it will show how this has been prepared by the military, Big Tech, governments, etc. for decades. We are in the final stages of this plan, before it will be rolled out.

While the world was focussed on the health crisis, the governments planted hundreds of thousands 5G towers across the world, even in the most remote areas, so they would be able to start controlling the minds of even the farmers.

There is a threat to our world, that none of us could ever even imagine. It’s real, it’s being activated worldwide, and because of how far advanced they are with their plans, they no longer hide it.

This is confirmed by an Israeli professor Yuval Noah Harari who is being pushed to the forefront by the World Economic Forum. Harari literally says:

‘We now have the technology to hack humanity and let everyone think and feel what we want. Tyrants always wanted to do that, but now for the first time we have the ability to do this. We will eradicate faith in God, end all free will, and make sure that humans think exactly what we want them to think.’

The videos in which you can hear this insane psychopath say this, will be in the coming documentary. Here is a foretaste...

Listen how Harari talks about the end of humanity (homo sapiens), how he says that elites will be able to hack and engineer all life on earth (= change, control) it. 

There are many more statements made by this madman, that will be featured in the upcoming documentary AGE OF CYBORGS. Sign up for our free emails at the bottom of this page, to be notified when this video will be released. 

The disturbing thing is that this lunatic is being promoted massively by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and has basically become the nr. 1 mouthpiece of the elites, to explain their plans.

If we don't change from being selfish individuals who only care about our own gratification, to becoming loving humans who wake up our world, we may lose more than we can fathom. 

Tools to open the eyes of humanity

My mission with is not to be a news agency that shoots out countless messages with the ‘hottest’ and ‘the latest’, to entertain news junkies who crave the next thrill of ‘the news’.

Stop World Control is a resource with TOOLS for freedom fighters, to awaken and liberate humanity. I send you these tools, so you can USE them to change the world.

Please use the tools that you receive - the reports, emails, articles, interviews, documentaries - to open the eyes of the people around you, in any way possible. Spread our content around, to key people in your community, so they will begin to see the truth.

Drowning in the sea of information

The news is often designed to keep us glued to the news channels. That’s how they earn their money, by turning us into addicts to their constant stream of information. It provides a thrill, that we become addicted to.

Our minds can however get so clogged up with all this massive amount of non-stop information, that we have no energy or clarity left to focus on doing something that will have a powerful impact on humanity.

have decided to no longer allow my mind to drown in the bottomless ocean of information. I step away from the chaos, and FOCUS on only creating productions, that will truly have a worldwide IMPACT.

That's how I created, the Grand Jury Evidence, the Vaccine Death Report, videos like Battle for Humanity, THE PLAN, Forbidden Cure, and other powerful resources for awakening.

Be an effective world changer

Please become a focused, effective, and powerful world changer. Think about how you can do something to truly transform your community. Here are a few ideas:

Collect all the email addresses online from influential people in your city, county or even nation, and learn how to send them short, clean, polite and respectful letters to point them to and other great resources of truth.

Come together with like minded people and organize actions where you spread thousands of flyers in your community.

Click on these flyers to see our wide variety of effective flyers, posters and memes that you can download for free.

Fund highway billboards, that point hundreds of thousands of drivers to or other great resources. Contact us if you want to sponsor this.

Be creative, and find ways to shake the world wide awake.

And if you want to help us create even better tools for worldwide awakening, then please support us. As you know, we have been censored aggressively, and we lost more than words can say.

Help us recover from these attacks, so we can move forward, and reach many more people worldwide with truth that will liberate the people.

Thank you!

support the fight for freedom

Our enemies are multi triljonaires and billionaires, whose unlimited financial resources allow them to buy and deceive the whole world. If you want to see humanity liberated from their grip, then please support Stop World Control, so we can open the eyes of millions worldwide. Together we can do the impossible!

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