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Informing you about the evil plans of the wicked, so they can be stopped

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You will learn who the entities behind this agenda are, how they operate, and how they can be stopped.

All of this information is thoroughly referenced in the online versions of the posts. We cannot add these references to emails, because then they are labeled as spam by email providers, and hidden from you in the junk folder. Always go to the online version to see the references, and do your own research.

Terrifying truths

Learning about the evil that is in our world, and their horrible plans for humanity, can be disturbing. Some people are at risk of becoming depressed or fearful when they learn about this for the first time. That is normal.

This evil is however not a recent phenomenon. It has been terrorizing humanity for centuries.

The entities you will learn about, are the ones who have been organizing wars, creating diseases, suppressing cures, poisoning our water, soil and sky, filling our minds with perversion and wickedness through entertainment, and so on.

What is happening in our time, is an unprecedented exposing of their dark practices, so they can be judged - at last! When you keep that in mind, it helps you deal with the terror of discovering how well organized evil is in our world. 

The objective of our emails is twofold:

✔︎ Warn you, so you would not go along with their wicked agenda that leads to your doom

✔︎ Shine a bright light on their dark practices and identities, so they can be brought to justice

It's not true!

Some people experience a psychological mechanism called “cognitive dissonance” or the “Semmelweis effect”. These are subconscious reflexes that are activated when we encounter information that challenges our comfort zones.

We respond with denial, because that protects us.

Please be aware of this well known psychological mechanism. It may feel better to deny truth, but that leaves you in darkness and - honestly - dangerous stupidity, as you choose to close your eyes right in front of a terrible threat that is headed your way. Better is to open your eyes, and find a way to evade it. Hiding your head in the sand, upon observing an incoming attack, is the most foolish thing anyone can do.

Don’t be afraid for truth, but welcome it, as it will save you and your beloved ones. 

There is hope!

Besides revealing the forces of evil in this world, you will also find hope and vision for a better world, in our section “SAVING THE WORLD”. You find a link to this section under every email, where you can enjoy an abundance of inspiration, encouragement, and practical guides on how to put an end to this evil.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can go to this online resource that will show you how the forces of good are winning, and are paving the way for a beautiful future.

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