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Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events
resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections

Investigative journalist David John Sorensen and world renowned 'Physician of Presidents' and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize Dr. Vladimir Zelenko combined their knowledge to reveal something devastating to the world: the scientific data overwhelmingly shows how probably millions have died from the covid injections, and hundreds of millions are suffering crippling side effects, that often permanently disable the victims for life. The Vaccine Death Report provides all the data, along with hundreds of references, for further investigation.

This is a critical alarm call to humanity.
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The veil is lifted on the criminal network that owns
and manipulates our world

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HUNDREDS OF lawyers & scientists

"Our network of 100 lawyers and 100 scientists have all the evidence that the pandemic is the worst crime against humanity ever committed."

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a world famous trial lawyer, who has been suing large fraudulent corporations for decades. Dr. Fuellmich and a vast international network of lawyers have interviewed more than a hundred experts from every field of science. They have conclusive evidence that the pandemic and lockdowns are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. The PCR tests are 100% fraudulent, government officials are massively bribed or blackmailed to collaborate, media is used to deceive the world, and so on. Listen to the message of this international top trial lawyer.

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physician & attorney

"A life threatening disinformation campaign has been launched."
- Americas Frontline Doctors

Doctor Simone Gold is the founder of America's Frontline Doctors, a large group of leading physicians in the United States. They organized a White Coat Summit in which they explained how the news media, Big Tech, and government agencies are collaborating to misinform the world, driven by a criminal agenda. Their summit was viewed twenty million times, in a matter of hours. People recognize truth! Then they were censored simultaneously by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. In this video Dr Gold explains serious concerns about the experimental vaccines that are unlawfully imposed on all of humanity, for a disease that has a 99,97% survival rate, while safe and effective cures are being hidden from humanity. 

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worldwide doctors

34 physicians and scientists from around the world warn humanity about the experimental vaccines

In this urgent video 34 medical experts share why they oppose the experimental, untested and gene altering biological agents that are falsely marketed as 'vaccines'. The companies who make these experimental products are shielded from all liability and no insurance company wants to offer any kind of protection against these supposed vaccines. Listen to the heartfelt, compassionate warning by these worldwide doctors, and please share this video. 

world leading scientist:
This is the new world order

"Cures for covid are hidden because they want to vaccinate you."
- Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker

Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker is an internationally leading scientist who works with over 5,000 medical doctors in almost 30 nations. He has developed a 100% effective cure for COVID-19 and all its variations. This scientist was however censored on all platforms: his book was removed from Amazon, his Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and PayPal accounts were deleted, and even his scientific account was taken down from ResearchGate. As a result his safe, effective and cheap cure for covid was hidden from humanity. In this eye-opening video you learn about the life saving treatment, and why it is suppressed.

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Is this the end of humanity?

"The new vaccines are designed to start the process of transhumanism."
- Dr. Carrie Madej

Doctor Carrie Madej researched vaccines for over twenty years, and attended top medical conferences where she heard the typical ‘evil professors’ outline their plans for humanity. In the video below, she explains how the new generation of vaccines are designed to alter the human DNA and shift humanity 1.0 into humanity 2.0, also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution of transhumanism: original biological humans will blend with technology to create a new race of trans-humans or cyborgs, that are easier to control. The vaccines inject nano technology into our body which connects us to artificial intelligence, the cloud, and a worldwide control network that can monitor our every breath.

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What is the new normal?

A brilliant journalist from the United Kingdom produced this revealing factual documentary, that shows how the pandemic serves to launch humanity into the New Normal. It investigates The Fourth Industrial Revolution, what the 1% has to gain, and what the rest of us are about to lose.

how did they pull off
the pandemic?

David Icke is a world-renowned investigative journalist whose predictions were labeled as 'conspiracy theories'; yet everything he has predicted so far has happened exactly as he said it would. In this animated documentary, this famous researcher explains how an internationally organized network of criminals has been able to pull off a global pandemic hoax. 


Unique, in-depth overview of amazing evidence that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how the pandemic is the largest criminal operation humanity has ever witnessed. Don't take my word for it, but do your own research with this massive report that shows all the facts in one mind-blowing overview.

Proof that the pandemic
was planned

Months of in-depth research have revealed an astonishing number of strong indications that the pandemic was planned, and is being meticulously orchestrated. This is not a conspiracy, but a review of abundant evidence that is undeniable. When something is based on solid facts, it is not a conspiracy but a reality. See the evidence for yourself... 

covid-19 pandemic planned

Cures for covid

Thousands of physicians worldwide have cured millions of covid patients in a matter of days without side effects, using effective and safe treatments. All these cures are backed by scientific studies that confirm their efficacy. There are for example ivermectin, HCQ + zinc, quercetin + zinc, budesonide, CDS, and nebulized hydrogen peroxide. Perhaps the greatest crime against humanity, during this planned pandemic, is that these cures are suppressed by governments, Big Tech, health organizations and news media, in order to further the agenda of imposing gene altering, nanotechnology injecting experimental vaccines onto the entire world. Nobody ever needed to die from covid. Every death is the direct result of the criminal suppression of the available treatments, and the murderers will be held responsible for their crimes against humanity. 

covid cures

crimes committed by news media

"Journalists are paid to lie, betray and never tell the truth to the public"
- Top journalist Udo Ulfkotte

A chief editor from a leading European newspaper confesses how journalists are paid to always lie to the public. The technical director of CNN admits on hidden camera that CNN spreads propaganda instead of news, and how they create fear about 'climate change', 'because fear sells'. The chief editor of a major Dutch newspaper says they are the ones who position government officials, by manipulating the people with the news. The famous journalist Julian Assange from WikiLeaks says that wars are caused by the media. An African president is seen in a Zoom meeting, saying how they must 'ramp up' covid numbers in order to continue lockdowns. Watch this video to see how the news media and governments are dangerously deceiving the world.

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