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The past years have been challenging for many of us, but I want to remind you that in the midst of this major storm, the most beautiful thing has been occurring, which is needed so badly for our world:

hundreds of millions of people are beginning to wake up to the reality that humanity is suffering under the cruel suppression of criminal oligarchs who use governments to abuse us.

For decades I observed this, and it was difficult to see how nobody seemed to be aware of anything. Now a shift is happening in our world, that is extremely promising. Who would have thought that such a vast part of humanity would simultaneously rise up against this evil, while beginning to build a better world?

This awakening is only in its initial stages, and I believe we will see a major transformation in our world. Humanity is not doomed, but we are all deeply loved and cherished, valuable beyond comprehension, with a destiny that is beyond our wildest dreams.

We have been led to believe there is no hope or future for our world, and evil is about to win, but I have come to believe te opposite.

There is a tremendous destiny for your life, your beloved ones, and this incredibly majestic world.

The vast majority of suffering in our world is the direct result of widespread, strategic and very subtle operations of mind control, that have been deceiving the majority of the population. The purpose of these mind control operations are to hide all realities from us that can empower, enrich, heal and release us into our divine and royal destiny.

When the good people are blind and enchained, the wicked can reign. But once the truth starts breaking through to our minds, and we see what lies ahead of us in terms of dreams, possibilities, health, well being, and purpose, then we rise up in tremendous power. Because opened eyes can see the riches that are spread out in front of us.

There are riches in terms of health, geography, spirituality, history, energy, finance, agriculture…

My experience is that whenever we begin to discover the truth about any of these topics, a vast world of goodness opens up for us. That’s why all these truths are being hidden from us.

My hope in the coming year, is to be a catalyst in this worldwide awakening, so this magnificent world with its gloriously beautiful people will rise up into new dimensions of blessings, hope and restoration.

When you are used to living in a cage, you have no idea what wonderful lands there are to explore beyond the bars that have blocked your sight. I assure you we have seen nothing yet.

May this year be full of hope and vision for all of us. Don’t give up hope, look at the future, see beyond the dark clouds, and believe that we are not here to be destroyed, but to be renewed.

David Sorensen

Thank you for all who helped us stay afloat, the past month. It was a tense time, and this tension remains every month, since this is an ongoing movement. May all who support us in this beautiful mission be greatly rewarded. Please keep supporting us, month after month, so we can break through to many more millions worldwide, and be part of the greatest transformation on earth since the dawn of time. Your support opens doors for hope to reach the world.

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