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Beloved people of the world, 

to all of you, wherever you are - Asia, America, Europe, Africa - I want to give a blessing of hope and victory this Easter.

Although all of us have different backgrounds and beliefs, we are all united by the power of love that is stronger than the force of hate that we all face worldwide.

We are united by the power of life, that overcomes death, which is luring around in this world.

Many of us have a different perspective on Easter, and that’s fine. We are not here to focus on our differences and create divisions that destroy us. We are here to see each others heart, and our hearts long for a world full of love, truth and goodness. A world where evil is not celebrated but judged, and where the good people determine the destiny of the children.

Whatever your current belief is, I want to encourage you, that what billions of people are celebrating and remembering today is true:

whatever darkness we face, and no matter how strong the reality of death is, that is sweeping the earth…. the force of Life is greater.

When Christ destroyed the doors of death, shattered the chains of hades, and showed humanity there is a power greater than evil, he paved the way for all of us to always have hope, no matter what.

It is the very same power of evil that we face today with the New World Order, that plunged a spear into his side, drove nails through his hands, and tore his skin from his face so he was no longer recognizable as a human. 

All hope seemed lost, all life was gone from his body, his friends were devastated.

But what nobody understood is, that needed to happen. Christ had to go down in the deepest dimension of the realm of darkness, in order to defeat it. He had to lay down his life, in order to give life to the entire human race. He had to allow himself to be slain, so all of us could be healed.

Today it is no different. The evil we see is horrifying beyond words. Millions of children are sold as slaves of the elite, beyond the knowledge of the oblivious world. Millions are dying because of the vaccines. Billions are walking in deep deception, without a clue of what is threatening them. 

We can be terrified, once we discover this. But we must understand that this time where all evil is exposed, will turn out to be the greatest shift in all of human history.

A rebirth of our world

With every vessel of my being I know that our world will experience a rebirth, a resurrection if you will, a breakthrough of life and love, a victory of good and truth, a returning to the One who is above all and who works in and though all who have hearts of love.

While it is my job to expose evil, so the world wakes up, and people can defend themselves, I want to also say: 

Evil is only being exposed so it can be destroyed. Darkness is revealed so the light can be embraced again.

When the world walks in darkness, without even knowing it, the people will never seek the light. Only when humanity understands the level of death that is surrounding us, will we turn back to the source of life, that is waiting to deliver us.

May this easter be a time of hope, new vision, life and strength. Christ rose from the dead, as an example to all, showing that good can never be destroyed by evil. He gave his life as an innocent one, for all who are guilty.

Now we can all see our own chains fall off, and lift our hands and hearts with new life that springs forth from inside of us.

No destruction but restoration

And this is what humanity will see, the coming years, as storm clouds roll in and sweep the false foundations away from under our feet: there is a greater foundation that cannot be shaken, and it is the sure and everlasting love of he who died for all of us, to give us life without limitations.

The world is not headed for destruction, but we are destined for a rebirth.

The birth pains are fierce, and the blood flows, but the child that is born brings joy to all. 

Have hope, see beyond the crisis, believe in the victory, and lift up your head to the One who revealed that he is greater than evil, darkness and death. 

Happy resurrection day to all! 

David Sorensen

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