“Babies could be born with tails and animal hair!” warn Turkish doctors

baby genetic disorder tail

A group of medical doctors and the leader of the Turkish Welfare Party have issued a grave warning to the world. They show photos of babies born with severe genetic birth defects, like a baby with a tail, one eye, covered in hair or with multiple arms and legs. 'This is what could happen, as the result of the gene therapies that are injected into our people' they say. Watch the video below... 

Some people think the photos are photoshopped, because these kinds of birth defects seem so out of this world. The sad reality, however, is that these kinds of genetic disorders do occur. Especially as the result of certain vaccinations, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, or radiation.

In Vietnam, for example, the U.S. army sprayed a chemical called Agent Orange on the jungle, which is still causing horrendous birth defects among the Vietnamese people. 

Below you see two children conjoined at the pelvis, with one anus, one urinary tract, one bladder, two kidneys, and three legs (source).

This is a baby born in Vietnam with a small brain, defective mouth, ears and limbs. 

As these kinds of birth defects do occur, we shouldn't automatically assume that the photos shown by the Turkish leader Fatih Erbakan are photoshopped. He has no reason to do so, as the warning he issues is grave and real: 

'Once you start messing with the human DNA, this is what could happen!'.  

The photos he shows, however, are from past birth defects. The baby covered in hair is, for example, from an Indian family who have a rare genetic disorder causing the members to be covered in hair. They are called the 'Werewolf family' (source). The photo of the baby with a tail is probably also real, as other people have been born with a tail in the past. Here is one example (source).

child birth defect tail

In our groundbreaking documentary ‘The Battle For Humanity’, Dr. Carrie Madej also warns about the risk of severe genetic disorders. She says: 

‘When you start messing with the human DNA, there can be genetic birth defects.' 

The documentary shows examples of genetic disorders, like a baby with two faces. Watch 'The Battle for Humanity' below. Everything Dr. Carrie Madej predicted in this documentary has come to pass so far, or is beginning to happen. Make sure to watch it!

We have to understand that the human body has been beautifully made, as an amazingly complex and perfect masterpiece, that operates in a harmonious balance. When this balance is disrupted, all sorts of bad things can happen. Especially when we disrupt the very core of our biological bodies, the DNA, we can expect disaster. Even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said this during an internal Zoom meeting with his staff:

'We just don't know the long term side effects of basically modifying people's DNA and RNA to directly encode in a person's DNA and RNA, basically the ability to produce those antibodies - and whether that causes other mutations or other risks downstream.'

Listen to Mark Zuckerberg saying this, in the following video.                                                 (Please note: due to a technical issue, there is only audio in the left side of headphones. We will correct this in a future upload of the video) 

Will the Turkish doctors and the leader of Welfare Party Fatih Erbakan prove to be right with their prediction? Will large numbers of babies with severe birth defects be born, as a result of the experimental gene therapies that are injected into billions of people?  Time will tell...

Fact is that many thousands of babies were born dead, after the pregnant mothers were injected. Something so disastrous happened to the unborn babies in the womb, that it killed them. Below you see a photo of a dead baby from the vaccinated mother Alexandra Laigle. In March 2021, she announced on Facebook how happy she was to be vaccinated, while she was pregnant.  This happened next…

Fact is that hundreds of millions of people worldwide have serious side effects that often permanently disable them: blindness, deafness, paralysis, severe heart issues, etc.

Fact is that the blood of vaccinated people changes disastrously. The photo below shows healthy blood, compared to the blood of a vaccinated person. Left is normal: every red blood cell is perfectly round, and the cells are clearly apart, which allows for good blood flow. Next you see blood from a person injected with the covid gene therapy: the blood cells clog together and are chaotic. Dr. Robert Young is doing in-depth research to reveal what is inside the vaccines and what it is causing in the blood of the vaccinated (source). 

Fact is that weird alien-like creatures with tentacles have been found in the vials of vaccines. This is a photo of such a creature in vaccine vials that were sent to a lab by Dr. Carrie Madej. When Dr. Madej saw this, she cried harder than she ever had, because she knows these alien-like living creatures are being injected into millions of children and adults... 

vaccine report tentacle creature

Fact is that self-assembling nanoparticles are found in the vaccines. Invisibly small nanorobots performing all sorts of unknown tasks, once injected into the bloodstream... (source)

Fact is that unknown living organisms are found in vaccine vials. Below you can see a video recorded during a science conference in The Netherlands. On the monitor we see a live magnification of the contents of a Pfizer vial. What we observe is a living organism. What is this strange living organism doing inside this vaccine? 

Fact is that the vaccines are full of dangerous toxins, that can cause all kinds of destruction. Graphene oxide, for example, alters the body's electromagnetic field, which disrupts the normal functioning of organs (source).

Fact is that the scientific data and the information revealed by several government whistleblowers shows that hundreds of thousands have died in the U.S., and that worldwide, probably millions have lost their lives because of the vaccines.

All the evidence for these facts and much more can be found in the Vaccine Death Report.

cover vaccine death report

What is happening worldwide is horrible, as it comes straight from the darkest sources of evil in this world. This has to be exposed. If we don't speak out, who will? This is the time for the good people of this world to rise courageously and lift their voice. 

Download and share the Vaccine Death Report with people in authority in your local community and your nation.

Send it to those in law enforcement, education, health care, and politics. You can find their contact information easily with a quick search online. Please do this.

We have to open their blind eyes...

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