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carrie madej crash

Our dear friend and phenomenal world leading freedom fighter doctor Carrie Madej was involved in a plane crash, which almost killed her.

Dr. Carrie Madej and her partner Billy - a private plane pilot with 20 years of experience - returned from Florida, where they enjoyed a meeting with likeminded people. In mid air the engine of the plane suddenly stalled, for no apparent reason. In a few seconds the rpm dropped to zero, and they dropped like a rock.

No one can figure out why this happened. Airplane engines are meticulously maintained and thoroughly checked, and there was no reason why the engine suddenly went dead. Dr. Madej told me:

"It’s a miracle we are alive!"

Dr. Madej is currently in a hospital , but is recovering well. She has fractured her left lower leg and five vertebrates. Billy is in worse condition with several skull, facial and back fractures. Thankfully there is no brain bleed.

Right after they crash landed, it first looked as if Billy was dead, as he was unconscious and his head was bleeding profusely. After some 45 seconds he came by, much to the relief of Carrie.

It took more than half an hour for the rescue team to locate them. Carrie had tried to broadcast their location, but strangely enough nothing worked. The wifi didn't function and her phone overheated. She can't explain why this happened. Luckily she was able to find another phone on the plane, which she then used to pinpoint her location, so they could be found.

The rescuers shouted through megaphones to find them, and when she heard them, Carrie cried louder than she had ever done: "HELP!!!" which saved their life, as her cries led the rescuers to find them just in time.

Dr. Madej's role in exposing trans-humanism 

cyborg transhumanisme

Dr. Carrie Madej is one of the forefront medical professionals who has been warning humanity about the nefarious trans-humanist agenda behind the imposed vaccines. Dr. Madej has attended medical conferences where she heard the proverbial "crazy, evil professors" outline insanely wicked agendas for vaccines. This greatly alarmed her and launched her on a 20 year investigation to uncover the diabolical plans of the criminalized medical establishments.

Dr. Madej discovered the agenda to end humanity and replace us with cyborgs: a new breed of humans that is a combination of technology and a biological organism, who can be easily controlled from the cloud.

She revealed how the injections start the process of trans-humanism, by altering the human genome, and preparing humanity for the transition to Human 2.0. 

The goal is to create a new breed of humans, that can be easily controlled through all kinds of frequencies, radiations and signals. This agenda is confirmed by Alex Thompson, a former officer from the British Secret Services, in the Grand Jury Evidence 1.

The Battle for Humanity

carrie madej

We were the very first ones in the world to interview Dr. Madej, and together we made the world renowned documentary THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITYCarrie stayed for four days in our filming studio, where we made this film that went viral like crazy. It was translated in dozens of languages, waking up hundreds of millions worldwide.

She made several predictions and gave dire warnings about the injections, most of which have already come true, making this video very accurate and important. Dr. Madej is probably the most interviewed physician on earth, but several people wrote us that THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY is by far the best broadcast she ever made.

If you haven't seen the THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY yet, then please watch it now, and share it wildly please. Humanity needs to be informed about these plans.

Revealing living hydras
in vaccine vials

Dr. Carrie Madej also investigated several vaccine vials, and what she discovered shocked millions worldwide. Her lab research revealed the existence of living creatures with tentacles, called hydras, inside the vaccines! Here is a picture of such a hydra, photographed in a COVID-19 vaccine! 

vaccine report tentacle creature

Dr. Madej said she wept harder than she ever did, when she saw this, because she realized this is being injected into millions of children, with unknown but undoubtedly grave consequences for their health. 

Hydras never die, and can multiply themselves. Why have vaccine developers added these living creatures to covid vaccines?

Dr. Madej also discovered self assembling nanobots inside some vaccine vials, which is equally horrific. Her findings have been confirmed by many other scientists worldwide, who photographed and filmed self assembling nanobots in the vials, as well as large amounts of graphene oxide, a substance that can receive and transmit 5G signals, and is being used in the medical industry to change the thoughts and emotions of people. 

Below is a micrograph taken by Dr. Zandre Botha from South Africa, showing self assembling nanobots, that she found in vaccine vials. 

What kind of diabolical agenda is secretly being rolled out, by injecting these kinds of self-assembling nanobots into the bodies of millions of people? And why are so many news agencies, and so called fact-checkers doing overtime to deny these apparent, undeniable findings? What is really the purpose of these injections, that are so forcefully being imposed onto all of humanity? And why are all the governments worldwide collaborating with this plan? There clearly is a nefarious agenda behind covertly injecting this kind of nanotechnology into humanity. Dr. Carrie Madej is one of the heroes of humanity, who risks her life, to uncover the real agenda behind what is going on. 

Vaccine Death Report

More information about these living creatures with tentacles inside vaccines, as well as the self assembling nanotechnology, can be found in the Vaccine Death Report. This revealing document was made with the help of dr. Vladimir Zelenko, nobel prize nominee, who successfully treated several presidents and heads of state worldwide for COVID-19. Dr. Zelenko was one of the first physicians in the world who showed that COVID-19 can easily be treated using HCQ + ZINC. His team successfully treated over 6,000 COVID patients and trained thousands of physicians worldwide, who together saved millions of lives. Dr. Zelenko was severely censored, receives daily death threats, and is in fact now fighting for his life, due to a very rare cancer.

Both Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko have been warning humanity for the dark criminal agenda that is behind the covid pandemic.

In the video below Dr. Zelenko testifies before a Rabbinical Court, about the horrors caused by the experimental gene altering injections, and how injecting them into kids - who are at no risk for covid whatsoever - is nothing but child sacrifice.

The Vaccine Death Report reveals how millions of people have died from the injections and hundreds of millions are permanently disabled. The Vaccin Death Report was published in October of 2021. In the near future we will update the report with even more devastating scientific data.

Download the Vaccine Death Report to see scientific data that shows how millions have died from the covid injections and hundreds of millions have serious side effects, often permanently disabling the victims. 

cover vaccine death report

How truth speakers are silenced

Everyone who is aware of how good people are trying to expose the hidden works of the wicked, has noticed how many important freedom fighters have suddenly died in strange accidents. I personally know of several private plane crashes that took the lives of key leaders during the past decades.

Also sudden heart attacks or supposed suicides have taken out numerous good influential people.

Udo Ulfkotte, the German editor of one of Europe’s largest newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, is one such man who exposed to the world how the news media is 100% controlled by American billionaires, Secret Services, the CIA, and corrupt governments.

Ulfkotte confessed that he, and journalists worldwide are paid to “…always lie, and never tell the truth to the public.” He wrote a book called “Journalists for Hire”, which ignited a tremendous awakening in Germany and abroad.

This editor of one of Europes largest newspapers admitted how he was trained for 25 years to manipulate the public. When he received instructions to use the news media to push for war with Russia, he drew a line and decided to confess everything to the public. Ulfkotte paid a high price for his honesty as he was found dead, shortly after the release of his book. The official story reads “heart attack”, but it is important to notice how these sudden deaths always occur after somebody has come out, revealing the hidden criminal activities of evil entities who operate behind the scenes in our world.

Watch the documentary BUSTED - MEDIA CRIMES EXPOSED to hear Udo Ulfkotte make his confession, and to see other top level news media insiders reveal how the news is always lying to all of us, to manipulate us.

Inventor of PCR test died right before pandemic

Right before the covid pandemic Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the infamous PCR Test, suddenly died in late 2019. Interestingly Dr. Mullis had warned against the use of his PCR test for the detection of any infection of disease. He said it may not be used for this purpose, since it has no ability to determine wether a person is infected with a disease. 

dr kary mullis

Shortly after the death of Dr. Mullis the pandemic was released, based on his PCR test, which was wrongly used to tell the world how many hundreds of millions of "covid cases" there are all around us.

If doctor Mullis had been alive, he would have exposed this worldwide fraudulent operation right away. Now however, with him out of the way, hundreds of millions of perfectly healthy, symptom free people could be given the devastating label “covid case”, based on a PCR test that, according to its inventor, is not fit to make this kind of diagnosis.

In Africa five presidents who opposed the vaccines, suddenly died and were replaced by presidents who aggressively promote the injections onto their population.

 One of them was president John Magufuli of Tanzania, who publicly questioned the covid numbers of his country. There were more than 400 cases and 16 deaths. He accused the National Medical Laboratory of lying. To substantiate his suspicions, he sent two samples that supposedly belonged to people to have them tested. The samples, however, came from a papaya fruit and a goat. As he suspected, they came back... with positive results: 'These people are infected with c0v!d-19.' This is how he unmasked the deception. That same year he and four other African presidents who opposed the vaccines, suddenly died…

Recently in Germany, the natural doctor Andreas Noak revealed the presence of graphene hydroxide in vaccine vials. He died shortly after being arrested.

bing liu

At the beginning of the pandemic a young professor named Bing Liu from the University of Pittsburgh, was shot dead in his apartment. Bing was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis of the following complications, which could have had a profound impact on ending the pandemic.

During the past century over three thousand leading American patriots suddenly died, while the British elites attempted to gain complete control over the American government. The assassination of president John F. Kennedy, a powerful voice for the freedom of humanity, was one one of a long series of deaths.

We all know about the Titanic, the unsinkable ship that went down against all odds, because it hit an iceberg. What we haven’t heard however is that this ship contained three of the world’s wealthiest businessmen who were opposing the plans of the Rothschilds to set up the Federal Reserve. These three men conveniently went down with the Titanic, after which the federal reserve was established. Their names were Isidor Straus, Benjamin Guggenheim and John Jacob Astor IV.

royal raymond rife

Dr. Raymond Rife was born in 1888 and he contributed a lot to technology in the area of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation. He also discovered a 100% effective cancer cure. In 1934 he was able to cure 14 out of 16 terminally ill cancer patients, while the other two were cured after subsequent six weeks. In 1934 Dr. Milbank Johnson who was to declare the results of Rife’s cancer therapy was lethally poisoned and his documents vanished. Rife’s laboratories were set on fire and ruined. Dr. Nemes who had replicated a part of Rife’s work died in a inexplicable fire along with the destruction of all his research papers.

Royal Rife was murdered by fatal combination of Valium and alcohol in 1971 at the Grossmont Hospital.

These are just a few examples of the literally in-numerous deaths of people who were standing up for a better world. Fact checkers cry from the rooftops that all these deaths are natural and nobody should think otherwise. But it is interesting that thousands of people have died so called “natural deaths” the past century, after they started opposing the agenda of the criminal elites. In the personal circles of Hillary Clinton alone, 27 people died under mysterious circumstances!

Is this plane crash an attempt to silence Dr. Madej?

Because we know that truth speakers are targets of the criminals who run evil operations behind the scenes of the public world theatre, the question of course arises in the minds of many:

“Is this strange plane crash, where the engine stalls in mid air for no apparent reason, and the phone and wifi stop working so no location of the crash could be broadcasted, one of these notorious attempts to shut down an important voice for freedom?”

The answer is that there is no way at this point to know this. Accidents do happen, and this could just be one of those absurd instances where horrible things happen to good people. But an investigation has been started and we will keep you updated on the outcome. Meanwhile the most important thing we can all do, is pray for the full recovery of both Billy and Carrie.

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Hospitals have become dangerous

A large number of hospitals are no longer safe places, as we all know, because many medical professionals have accepted bribes to become the extension of criminal entities, instead of care for the people.

The British funeral director John O’Looney personally observed how thousands of elderly in the United Kingdom were murdered by the staff in care homes, by overdosing them with a sedative. One nurse came to O’Looney, and told him in secret how they had been given orders to do this.

The sudden death of thousands of elderly was then used as the excuse for the nationwide lockdowns.

John O’Looney is another brave whistleblower, who came forward revealing how governments have become severely criminalized to execute nefarious agendas for financial entities who profit tremendously from these kinds of pandemics and other crises.

Last year John O’Looney fell ill, and was taken to hospital, where he experienced how the hospital staff attempted to murder him, by trying to inject him with a substance John knew would be the end of him. There was no medical need whatsoever to inject John with this substance.

A friend was able to rescue John O’Looney from the hospital, before they could silence him for good. It was a traumatic experience for John.

This horrible event shows that health care has been criminalized in ways we cannot even imagine. Therefore please pray for Carrie and Billy, that no further attempts to silence them will be successful, and they will come out victoriously from this difficult period.

You can listen to John O’Looney in the following video. Feel free to download and spread it far and wide.

Top level experts testify before 11 international lawyers and a judge

In the context of all the above information, it is imperative to share the Grand Jury Evidence, where top experts from the WHO, United Nations, British Intelligence Services, British Government Agencies, US and British military, the CDC and other high level experts testify before 11 international lawyers and a judge about the agenda for world domination, that is being executed, under the guise of pandemics.

These eye witnesses from the very organizations that run the world, reveal solid evidence for how mind control is used to hypnotize the world population, and how financial elites are collaborating to submit all of humanity to a worldwide system of tyranny, under the guise of health emergencies.

Whistleblowers from the United Nations and World Health Organization explain how the WHO has been set up to replace the constitutions, laws and governments of all the nations in the world, whenever the WHO declares a "health emergency of international concern". This makes the WHO effectively a one world government, whenever they say there is a pandemic. Interestingly they can declare a pandemic at will, by using any kind of unreliable diagnostic tool, like the PCR test that is not even able to determine an infection.

I encourage every reader to download the Grand Jury Evidence and distribute it far and wide. This document contains evidence that shakes any honest and intelligent reader wide awake.

The purpose of this information is to shift humanity from blind, unquestioning, brainless compliance, to intelligent, informed resistance where the good people can come together to build a better world for our children.

Download the Grand Jury Evidence, with testimonies of the world's top whistleblowers from the very organizations that run the world

Grand Jury Evidence 1


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