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china uprising

Unprecedented civil uprising is occurring in China. The government had locked citizens in their apartments and welded the doors shut. Nobody could get out. When fire broke out in an apartment, the people couldn’t escape, as the doors were welded, and all the people living in the apartment were burned alive - including children. “For your safety!”

Many Chinese people starve to death from being shut in their homes, with barred doors, for months on end - up to 90 days! No shopping for food allowed. No social contact allowed. No walks allowed. Total imprisonment. “For your safety!”

Millions have been imprisoned in quarantine camps for months - no way out. Toddlers are being kidnapped from their parents and locked up in camps. Millions suffer inside these small cabins, with only one tiny window - no social contact. “For your safety!”

This extreme tyranny is at last igniting massive awakening and revolts in China. We have to understand that revolting in China is almost unheard of, as the population is so brainwashed. This has caused the CCP to push its limits as to what kind of torture they can inflict on their people... and they went too far.

Western journalists from The China Show who have been living in China for years, and know China's culture inside out, state that nothing like this has EVER occurred in all of China's history. This is much greater than all protests in the past. It's a sign of something BIG!

The revolution is exploding all over China: in big cities and small villages, in universities and low-grade schools. Officials are being kidnapped from government buildings, the people's liberation army has been deployed, and police stations are being attacked… this is a sign of a major shift in the minds of the Chinese people.

The local experts from The China Show explain that many unprecedented events are happening. For example, when people are arrested by Chinese police, usually the surrounding citizens step back and allow it to happen - to save themselves. Now, to the surprise of these journalists, the crowd is fighting the police and military, and dragging the detainees out of their hands. That’s unheard of in China.

In the powerful documentary REVOLUTION you can see how the Chinese people rescue a man from the hands of the police. This signals a critical change in the Chinese people. Everybody has reached the point where they have nothing left to lose - and are rising up in power.


China revolution


"Massive uprisings start in China, and it's the biggest ones we've ever seen. This could be the start of something big." - The China Show

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