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The leader of a great freedom organization in Europe has been arrested. His name is Willem Engel (English = Wim Angel) and he founded Virus Truth in the Netherlands.

They have hundreds of thousands of members, and have been organizing lawsuits, protests, and other actions to help defend the freedom of the people. Their impact has been incredible on Europe, and they caused a greater awakening of truth than ever before.

His imprisonment follows the detention of several other heroes, that have specifically taken a stand to defend the children. Three of them are Wouter Raatgever, Huig Plug and Joost Knevel.

What is their crime?

They revealed how the government is guilty of systematically abusing and murdering children.


Joost is a victim himself, who shared his eye witness testimony, how he as a child saw how a top government official (who is currently the director of the Dutch version of the CDC) broke the neck of a girl, because she had been telling her parents about the abuse.

Wouter and Huig helped him and many other victims share their story with the public. Huig publicly confronted many officials, while everything was recorded on camera. He also interviewed parents of abused and murdered children. They have a big influence in the Netherlands.


The arrest of whistleblower Huig Plug, who is exposing systematic, organized child abuse by the government

The Netherlands hosts 79% of all video footage in the world, of children who are being abused in front of a camera. The Netherlands is also the only nation with a political party that promotes pedophilia. They published a handbook that teaches adults how to seduce and abuse toddlers and babies (for real).

Whatever you think of Vladimir Putin, he is the ONLY (!) leader in the world who openly confronted the Minister President of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, about this political party for the promotion of pedophilia.

Putin said: “If Russia had a political party for pedophilia, the Russian people would take up their guns!”

⚠️ In this > mindblowing report about Ukraine < you can see that Putin may not be the bad guy the criminal cabal media wants us to believe. Make sure to check it out.

I made an in depth report in Dutch with devastating evidence that proves how top officials around the world - in government, the military, police, justice, royalty, banking, business, religion, etc. - are massively involved in the systematic abusing (and often murder) of children. I have been wanting to translate this report in English, but the war has been too intense to do that so far. It is however my intention to do this ASAP, as we need to show the world that our leaders are not only just corrupt, but they are guilty of the most horrendous crimes we can imagine.

⚠️ If you can read Dutch, or if you know how to translate a webpage using Google translate, then you can > find the Dutch report here <

This is the Great Awakening!

Arrests have been made all over the world, in Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, in several African and Eastern European countries, and so on, in an attempt to silence the powerful freedom movement. Several of these brave leaders are now in a psychic ward, where they are treated as if they are lunatics, for standing up for the freedom of humanity. Some have beem murdered.

But I want to encourage you that this is in fact a good sign. It is a sure sign of the panic in the dark realm. The truth is invading the nations, and they are frantically trying to stop it by arresting the leaders.

But these arrests will work massively against them. This will assist the awakening tremendously, because when hundreds of millions of people hear about their heroes being arrested, I can assure you they will kick up a major storm.

I want to call all of us, who are dedicated to the realm of light, truth and love, to pray with me, that all evil in this world will be exposed, justice will be served, and deliverance will come to the people worldwide.

I don’t believe in the doom and gloom doctrines, that say we are headed for a reign of darkness. I see the greatest worldwide awakening happening of all time and it’s only just beginning.

⚠️ > Here you can read a very inspiring and empowering post < that shows how the world is beginning to wake up, and this new day of hope and deliverance is unstoppable!

As the criminal elite is now taking off their masks, all over the world, and hundreds of millions are seeing their true faces of tyranny, corruption, and evil, humanity is breaking free from centuries of complete ignorance.

The veil of deep deception by the news media is being lifted, and heroes of humanity are standing up everywhere.

Every arrest will only fan the flame of the awakening, every act of censorship will only empower freedom to roar even louder, every lie being exposed will ignite a passion for truth.

It is impossible to stop this worldwide movement.

This is the Great Awakening!


I want to encourage all of you to please start spreading truth in a new way, more than before. We are the army of truth and hope, and we can break the spell over the people.

Print thousands of flyers and posters, post the webpages and videos, send emails around, inform the public.

Here you can see a few of the powerful memes / flyers that I have made as a tool to help you awaken your community. Don't be afraid, but be one that will be remembered for the actions you have been taken. I know of some people who have distrbuted tens of thousands of these flyers! Please follow their example.

You can print them using any online cheap printing service. Or if you want to share only a few, then use your own printer at home. The memes are also great for sharing on social media.

The New Day Is Dawning

 The blazing light of truth is breaking through in our world, as never before. And as we see the sun of a new dawning day beginning to shine it’s rays of hope over the dark landscape of a crime ruled world, please know this:

Once the sun starts rising, there is no stopping it.

Never has the sun ever begun rising, only to then go back. That simply doesn’t happen. Once the sun rises, the day is coming.

So take heart, keep doing the right thing, stand with the truth, spread it around powerfully, and let’s be a light that shines in this world as never before. And if you can, please support us.

Many blessings to all,

David Sorensen

Please help us fight evil

Those who murder children, all over the world, are funded with billions and even trillions of dollars. We don’t have those finances, but we do need support to continue our work.

Thank you for standing with us!
Together we can bring a change in our world.

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